Monday, November 5, 2012


I liked what Mrs. Sonia Gandhi said at the rally, in Delhi, yesterday. “Those who dig ditches for others, have a well ready for them!”

I will write something on the old proverb which Mrs. Gandhi has used here… and, leave the parties, politics and corruption alone!

Digging ditches for others is a mindset! The moment we don this mindset, we become so obsessed with proving the other person guilty… getting him punished… that, eventually, the ditch becomes so big, so deep… that it becomes a ‘ready well’… in which, we - the obsessed ditch-diggers – end up being!

My experience has been that, this is bound to happen.

This is the Law of life!

Apply this Law in any field of life: relationships, family, organizations, business, religion, administration, politics wherever. If our obsession is to prove the other person guilty - expose him, defame him, punish him, cause trauma to him… the Nature doesn’t allow that to take place… Because, we can not be at peace when we are so obsessed with such a mindset, when our hearts are so much consumed by hatred, revenge and fear. And, it depletes all our energy… we are spiritually dead… because we have given so much power to another person – our enemy – to rule our minds and hearts… we have given the keys to our peace in our enemy’s hands!

Yes, no one has ever succeeded in digging ditches for others. One has only ended up digging a big, deep well for himself, in the blind bargain!

We have an old saying: “A thief, always, sees another thief in every person he meets.” He has no trust in anyone… including his own partners in loot!

So, the ones who dig ditches for others – 

are the ones who are guilty themselves!

How can such persons succeed burying others in the ditches? 

And, Jesus Christ had asked it, in this way: “You, hypocrites, why are you so worried about a speck in your brother’s eye when you have a log in your own?”

I rest my case.


Pic.: Shaila D'Souza


Anil Rajpal said...

What a way to rest your case: "Those who dig ditches for others prepare their own wells!" Thanks.

- Anil

Shivanandan said...

Just inspiring sir! Keep writing. Shiva

Anonymous said...

very useful for peace of mind. Megha

Reeta Nair said...

Poison works on us first before it works on others. Reeta Nair

Anonymous said...

Inspiring!!!!! Easha