Tuesday, November 6, 2012


We do not fully appreciate the beauty and strength of living in a family – living with our close ones around us – until we come to live alone!

Living alone – with no close ones around – is not only lonely and scary… it can be a silent death, too. Much before the body goes, the mind, heart and soul go!

We need people around… our spouses, children, parents and other dear ones. Whether our close ones are dependent on us or we are dependent on them… it really doesn't matter. Living with them makes us strong… Yes, even if we have to take care of several of them, we only find ourselves stronger and fulfilled.

The reason to live – work hard, progress, achieve, remain zestful and productive – yes, this comes only from the bond of a family. The one who lives alone… lives all alone in an island! Why would he work hard? Why would he progress or achieve? Where would his zest and productive streak spring from?

Having said this much, let me also say one more thing: Unless we learn to experience and value our relationship with ‘self’, it is impossible to fully experience the beauty and value our relationships with our dear ones.

That’s why, sometimes, we see such isolation and sorrow even when surrounded by so many loved ones!

“Learn to love yourself, befriend yourself…value yourself… before you love, value and befriend others!” This is an ancient advice, but, it still holds true. Only a fulfilled ‘self’ can find the closeness and security in a family bond!

We need others around us… 

our near ones, our dear ones. 

Our families!

Yes, we come to know this – really – when we come to live alone!


Pic.: Vinod Korgaonkar


Vivek said...

very true sir, being lonely is one of the worst things that could happen to anyone

Nitin Raj said...

Yes, the family is the bedrock!
... Nitin

Anonymous said...

Liked the post. Fully endorse what u say.
- Jitesh