In November, 2008, when President Barack Obama was first elected to the US Presidential office, I was so moved by the mystique-clothed-in-simplicity of this lean and dark man – who came about more as someone who stood next to you in our crowded locals – I couldn’t hold back my tears. “Hey, that’s what the American Dream all about… That’s what determination, vision and hope all about… That’s what values and simplicity, grace and greatness all about…” I found telling myself, repeatedly. I found incredible strength in my soul to keep believing in the goodness of life… in Godliness of people… I began to dream and hope, all over again. I began to cry!

That morning – on November 6, 2008 – I had published this Post:



It happens, sometimes, when I read about Christ's life. Or, about the lives of my other heroes - Gandhi or Martin Luther King Jr. Either I experience goose-pimples, all over my body… or, I simply cry!

 I have failed to understand the mystery behind this phenomenon. Why do I get goose-bumps? Why do tears roll down my cheeks?

Maybe, because I admire them so much. For the kind of challenges they faced, the goodness they spread, for the leadership they provided. I am incredibly inspired by them. I am overwhelmed by the impact they have left on the mankind. Yes, may be because of these reasons, my hair stands straight, my eyes weep.

A small challenge makes me chicken out, develop cold feet. When faced with discouragement and criticism, I tend to turn cynical, and give up. And, I am talking about small challenges, the ordinary battles of my life. My heroes took upon them tasks of Herculean proportion. The mortals never dare near them. That's why their lives are legends; that’s why the price for their leadership was so high.

I know, I need courage and strength to face my own little challenges. I know, I need inspiration. So, when I read about the lives of my heroes, my fears dissolve, my heart gets filled with courage and strength. I find hope; I find the reason to hang on.

And, today, when every TV channel, every newspaper - on every nook and corner of the world - hailed this dark and lean man called Barrack Obama, my body froze, and eyes welled. I felt, "Here is a man - and he will be special, his struggles will be special, his impact will be special." I had this familiar sensation, this hunch about it… and, I simply cried!

The world Obama is going to lead is not faced with ordinary challenges; they are mighty ones. And, I have a strong impulse within me, that this leader, this Star, has risen on the horizons at the right time, for the right cause.

Hail Obama! I am already inspired!

That’s four years ago!

Today is November 8, 2012. President Barack Obama has been just re-elected. And, as I see those images of celebrations, the Victory speech at the electrifying stadium… and, particularly, when I see the lovely images of this man greeting the masses, his hands tightly holding his wife Michelle and their two little girls – Sasha and Malia, I get the goose-pimples, all over again! 

Well, like the whole word, I too have been just floored by President Obama’s inspiring Mystique. I can’t stop myself from speaking to my heart: “That’s how a leader should be, simple, yet, strong…” “That’s how he should speak, straight from the gut…” “That’s how we should be in our victory and defeat both, grateful and graceful…” “That’s how greatness should be, brutally simple…” “That’s how a nation should be, ever buoyant and determined…” And, above all, “That’s how a family should be, always together, like a rock!”

So, this morning, I was inspired to write, once again, about this wonderful soul – Barack Obama. I wanted to write about what he had said in his victory speech on the Election night… I wanted to write to you, as to how, after all these years of tests by fire – this man has still remained grounded… remained even more hopeful, even more determined, even more childlike… and, yes, even more a family-man! I wanted the full text of his victory speech and its video. 

So, while getting hold of these things, I chanced upon the speech delivered by his adorable wife, Michelle Obama, at the Democratic National Convention, after her husband was just re-nominated for the second term. Let me remind you: I was not looking for this speech… and, I was not looking for writing about Michelle Obama. But, as I was watching this video, I saw myself not just crying… but crying buckets of tears!

I will not say why…

Nor will I say a word more!

Pics.:      Ashok Ahuja 
Videos:   YouTube


Girish Dhir said…
Gritty! Inspiring! Thanx. Girish
Priya Sunder said…
Very, very inspiring stuff! Thankyou. Priya
Anonymous said…
I did not know, Michelle Obama was such an inspiring speaker.. moreover such a powerful force behind the great man! Thanks for this wonderful post. Reema
Kiran Naik said…
Liked the videos and the post. Kiran
Jayant Pramanik said…
Hair-raisin!!! Hats off to Obamas! Jayant

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