Sunday, November 25, 2012


I did not feel like writing the whole day, today… Just let alone my need to express, say something… know what others feel about my Posts… My restlessness… that I ‘miss’ something if I don’t…. Yes, the compulsions!

Everyday, a thousand things cross my mind and another thousand things touch my heart… Yes, they did today, too… The whole day long…

I allowed them to cross my mind… felt their touch in my heart…

But, a question kept haunting me:

“Why is this need in me to pause… capture… and interpret them to the world?”

“Why this restlessness? This desperation?"

I left the passing thoughts...  be;

I left the touching feelings...  be.

Sometimes, the questions seem to provide more solace than their answers…

“Why do I need the world to validate my opinions?”

“Why can’t I seek the beauty in others’?”

"I make a difference"… It is definitely good to know .this

But, it is even better to know that, like me, there are others, too… Yes, all feel in their hearts what I do:

“We all make difference!” 

So, Sun has long gone and it is pitch dark outside… It is quite cold, too… Inspiring!

But, the question keeps coming back to haunt my heart:

“What is important to you dear – ‘feeling’ in your soul the warmth of the inspiring night, or, announcing to the world that you ‘feel inspired’?”

Enough to feel inspired… enough to feel that light within in my soul…

After all, like everyone else, in this world, I too am ‘finding my way home’, right?

A friend of mine has just sent me these soothing lines of Rumi:

“If light is in your heart,
You will find your way home!”

And, it is very humbling to see in this light the truth: like me, everyone else, too!


Pics.: Ashok Ahuja


Bikram, K. said...

I was comforted by the movement in this post Thanks... Bikram

Vishnu Ranade said...

In deed, very soothing!! - Vishnu