Sunday, November 4, 2012


I was in a departmental store, last evening. Diwali being close, there was a long queue at the payment counter. On the large TV screen, just behind the cashier, Mr. Bean show was on… And, after a very, very long time, I found myself just laughing, the way I would do as a little school-child. I really didn't mind the waiting… I really didn't care as to who stood around me… Mr. Bean’s stupid exploits just broke my resistance… For that moment, I really forgot that I have been heavily stressed out all through the day.

Stressed out for what?

Yes, I can give a hundred reasons why I was stressed out…

But, justifying my stress with reasons is the surest way of re-enforcing it in my life…

While watching Mr. Bean’s exploits, I found the stiffness in my body all dropping, the serious-as-grave look in my eyes turning into a twinkle of a little child… and, the desire to ‘enjoy life’… laugh… play like a child… springing up in my soul, all over again!

The stress comes from my resistance… Weaving gory stories out of small stuff...

Yes, by “sweating our small stuff!”

Are all stuffs ‘small’?

Maybe not. But, I realized, yesterday, that stressing out with our ‘problems’ is more of a habit… as laughing it out, too, is!

If I do not laugh, every little problem or irritation can become ‘big stuff’… and cause a hell amount of stress in my life.

I have been watching Mr. Bean’s exploits right since I woke up, today… The fellow is an idiot. Like me. Completely self-centered. Like me. He comes out with crazy solutions for his crazy problems. Like me. Finally, ends up losing! Or is it winning?

We are all crazy… but, we only cover-up our craziness!

Laughing it out is a choice 

as much as stressing it out is… 

If I have to spend my little time in this world, 

why spend it with such corpse-like gloom?

I keep telling myself, I would rather spend it watching Mr. Bean’s crazy exploits…

I am still laughing…


Pic.: Yogita Tipnis


Harita Desai said...

Felt a lot light after reading and watching the video. Thanks. Harita

Uma Suresh said...

Mr. Bean makes me laugh and do away my tensions. thank you Gerry.
- Uma

Ajay said...

thanks for highlighting the importance of laughing and not let the stress over weigh on our lives