Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I watched, today, the movie – ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’. Both my wife and I loved the movie, immensely.

This Post is not about this romantic movie… but, about that young-man, who at 80, conceived it, directed it and produced it…

And, who died… with his boots on!

It is about man’s passions and dreams. It is about believing in your heart… and pouring it in your work…

It is about remaining young and romantic till there is breath in your soul!

So, a few questions have still not ceased haunting me even after hours of coming out of the theatre:

Do our hearts age?

Does the flame of romance remain aglow in all of us till there is breath of life?

Did Mr. Yash Chopra has a premonition of his death?

Was the title – ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ – supposed to be for Yashji’s life, rather than for his movie?

I admire men and women who live passionately till the end of their life… Who keep doing things they deeply believe in… Who remain eternally young, childlike… and, yes, romantic!

M.F. Husain painted, did films, struck mega deals till he died at 96!

Dev Anand never removed his romantic jacket and the scarf till, at 88, he breathed his last!

And, now, Yash Chopra !

As I came out of the cinema hall, more than the movie, I began to rave about the heart that created it… Yashji!...

“What a man!... What a life!”… 

I found telling myself.

By now, half of the world must have already watched the trailer of ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’, beautifully presented against the poem by the same title (written by Yashji’s son, Aditya Chopra).

Yash Chopra did not live to watch the release of his last romantic movie…

But then, today, something in me really prompts me that he wanted it that way: to go reciting, singing, dreaming his celluloid dreams. With his romantic boots on!

His saga was a romance with Life…

His legacy endures:

As long as I breathe, I shall dream!

As long as I breathe, I shall love, sing, dance and remain young in my heart… a romantic!

As long as I breathe, I shall not cease to strive… hope, leap!

As long as I breathe…

As long as I breathe!

“Well-lived sirji. May this be my choice for the  epitaph:



Pic.: Nitin Bhosle


Minu Sharma said...

Great dreamer. Great tribute he deserves!... Minu

Yatin said...

Nice movie, and an inspiring post.
- Yatin

Keval Tandon said...

Passion and zest describe Yash Chopra.
.. Keval