Monday, November 21, 2011


What did I first think of when I woke up this morning?

Did I think of something happy or something sad?

Did I think of someone dear to my heart or someone my mind feared?

Who was my morning angel?

What was this day’s my maiden prayer?

Who was the one I feared… and why?

Who was the one who brought me hope, strength and peace?

Who is the one who rules my heart even to this hour of the day?

Who is the one who rules my mind?

Why do I need good angels in my life?

Why do some constantly coup against me?

Why do I still bless them?

Why do I still believe that Heaven is here – right amidst my sorrows?

Why do I look for newness in the old?

Why do I see a King’s banquet in my daily bread?

Why does goodness be the only treasure I must seek?

Why should I not believe in dying with a bitter heart?

Why should gratitude be my only prayer?

Why should not I lose faith in my home… my simple home?

Why should not I search for God somewhere away from my own soul?

What did my heart first wish this morning?

Who was my first angel?

Who was my first friend?

My first hope… the first beat of my soul?



Anonymous said...


I had not thought of this - that's what is my first thought - when I rise each morng! Really, how we start our day seems very important!

-- Anil

Gerald D'Cunha said...

Thanks Anil.Yes, thoughts do have power!