Wednesday, November 2, 2011


“Opinions are the cheapest commodities in the world.”

Last afternoon, I saw two young students arguing on a subject - BIGG BOSS show on TV. One was raving about it; one was ridiculing it. But, both watched it.

“All losers in one goddamn house… doing and talking about the most unrealistic things… and you call them a ‘Reality Show’?” – the one who abhorred the show was ranting.

“Who asks you to watch it, then? Don’t watch… Simple,” – the one who adored the show was blunting the attack. “I love it; so, I watch it. Simple.”

Indeed. It is as simple as that. You like pumpkin; I like bitter gourd. Don’t eat, if you can’t stand even the sight of that ‘goddamn’ bitter gourd. That simple.

But, let me enjoy it. Don’t ask me, “What is so special about it?”

My dad literally worshiped Mrs. Indira Gandhi. Some of his friends hated her. It was the Emergency time… and we were too young to understand Politics. What we used to witness was a great deal of heated arguments between my dad and his friends on this issue: Mrs. Gandhi. Sometimes, the fights would be too tension-packed… and, only some mediation could save these men from getting into blows!

And, all this was because of the strong opinions they held on a person they would never ever meet in their life! They were willing to risk their friendship for this silly cause! I used to get terribly confused about all this.

Our beliefs are the root cause for a lot of tension in our life. Our opinions come from our beliefs… and, therefore, our tension, too.

It is best, if we can examine our beliefs, time to time. It is wise to be aware of our reactive, judging and confrontational behavior, which directly comes from the passionate beliefs we hold. Beliefs, if they lead us to constant judging, arguments, confrontations and even breakdown in relationships – then, we are being stupid. It is far better to agree, drop judgments and lead a peaceful life than disagree, judge, confront and lead a stressful one.

Beliefs are not bad. What is bad is the aggressive stand we take when we express them through our opinions. When we are willing to risk our fine friendships just for making a silly point about BIGG BOSS or Mrs. Indira Gandhi… or RA-ONE.



Girish Dhameja said...

Yes opionions are the chepeast commodities but it become expensive when we pay for it and it take from consultant, lawyer and Doctors.

Opinions do differ but let that not be the reason to differ from peer group.

One man's food can be other man's poison. Let us decide our own choice.

Rather then getting involve in confrontations at times it right to be silent and enjoy the peace.

Gerald D'Cunha said...

Yes Girish,

One man's food is often another man's poison.

Thanks for the feedback

Love, sir

Manjeet Singh said...

Nicely illustrated! Thank You Gerry Sir. You have rightly said that we get entangled with a situation and forget the person. Identification with the belief is a weakness. Its a veil that hides the person whom we love and only reveals the ugly situation. I am in awe that we allow hundreds of belief to seep in daily. Maybe it is natural to attract them. The clue is to clean them regularly. However, intellect is not ready to do the same. Attachments is like investment. Daily cleaning is the secret to come out of web.

LOVE MELTS SITUATIONS THAT SEEM IMPOSSIBLE. This space is beyond beliefs, opinions, judgements, arguements, confrontations. The profound question is Am I in Love? Does my presence bring that space?

Gerald D'Cunha said...

Hi Manjeet sir,

I loved the way you have brought this rejoinder.

In deed, "Love melts the situations that seem impossible."

I agree with u when u say that the only way is to 'clean' the system of our beliefs time to time.

Do post ur comments, sir.