Saturday, November 12, 2011


Yesterday was 11.11.11. It sounded quite rare, mysterious… a bit romantic and a lot scary as well. There was a big deal – a kind of hoopla already created by the media about it. Many expected something great to happen, and many expected something sinister.

The day passed. I do not think any thing great or sinister came to pass just because the date happened to be 11.11.11. Moreover, I wondered, when it was 11.11.11. for me, here, in Mumbai, it was not so for someone in the U.S. or Africa. “Hey, what the heck, all this?”… I found it all silly, stupid. A great time pass!

And, today it is Saturday. My wife had left for Pune, this morning, to visit my son’s institute. At about 7.45, she messaged me: “I have boarded the bus.” I quickly replied, " Safe journey, darling.” And that was about it. Just another day… another loving thought, for some one you care for.

After a while, I left home for my work. Just as I came out of my building, some one stopped his car and offered a lift. On our way, he stopped his car. A small boy came with lemon and green chilly. One in the front of the car, one behind. The man gave the boy some coins, and we moved ahead. “Aaj Sanichar hai, na,” he justified.

Today is Saturday. God knows it. He knows people move out of their houses… They travel… They make business deals… They marry… He knows that little babies are born on this day… and, some one is being operated in a hospital…

Who do we pray to, on a Saturday, for guarding us? What difference will it make without those lemons and green chilies?

Every day can be a Saturday, if God so wills.

I do not think, He intends to do harm for any of His children

just because this day happens to be a Saturday.


Some people have made this day sound so dangerous, so scary… And, they have made big business out of it!

Anyway, it is not a Saturday, today, in the U.S. or Africa. Thank God for that…

And, when I said Africa, it reminds me of a funny movie, “Gods Must Be Crazy.” And, another… “Thank God, It is Friday.”

“Have a safe journey, darling.” God has no days… Man has… We have.



Sudhir Mehta said...

Dear Gerald,

It is not only in India but in all parts of the world, we see this kind of superstitions. Yes, It is we humans who have made 'days' - some good and some bad .As you say, for God, all days are good days. Why should He let any harm happen to His children just because it is a Sat?

Thanks for the thoughtful post.

Gerald D'Cunha said...

Thanks Sudhir.

People are the same all over... One God one Mankind... So, one habit universal!

Well, jokes apart, we need to laugh at the way we believe in 'days' sometimes!



Girish Dhameja said...

I really like the title and the image used. Thx.

Yes this happens all over the world. We all are by some or the other means superstitious and this kind of feeling increases when there is an exam or some event or at time of interview, tenders. EFFORTS, PATIENCE AND PRESEVERANCE, HONESTY ARE THE RIGHT OMENS WHICH CAN REMOVE saturday from our week.

I wonder, for some Lemon and Chilly can keep evil eye away while some people make pickle and relish it.

Gerald D'Cunha said...

Girish, the lemon and green chilly pickle, incidentally, my favorite, too!

Now, we know why they say, one man's food can be another man's poison!