Thursday, November 10, 2011


All that I need to do is

To watch the beauty of these wayside flowers…

And move on.

One day, I stopped and watched a wild marsh marigold…

And, I envied the bees feasting on its nectar…

“So sweet you are, so giving… so loving,”

I said to the yellow beauty.

The bees did not understand why I said what I said…

They kept sucking the sweetness out of the golden girl’s heart…

And, I kept telling her,

“You are so sweet, so giving… and so loving.”

I was a traveler… I should have moved on...

Leaving the marigold and the bees behind to the wild wayside.

But then, I had stopped to watch someone,

Who, by now, was no more belonged to the wayside!

The bees saw me, now,

And understood what I was saying and why…

“Get lost,” they buzzed with anger,

“Do not rob us of our happiness.”

I realized, I had to move on…

“I know, you can be so sweet, so giving and loving, my dear,

Only where you truly belong,” I said in my heart with a silent pain.

“Come to me before you go, you Traveler,”

The golden girl called me,

“Take my nectar before you leave. There is enough for all.”

The bees made way for me as I bent down to take my share.

They sang in delight a song of happiness.

“Thank you, dear for the joy you are giving,”

I said with a profound lightness…

And I moved on…

Leaving the yellow queen for her busy bees.



Anonymous said...

Mystic! I get it! I don't get it! Paradox of the magic kind! Kudos, sir.

Gerald D'Cunha said...

Thanks my friend,

Yes, this piece has that mystical touch... I have tried to convey the ecstasy and agony that comes with our 'attachments'... on our travel... along the wayside called - 'Life'!



Girish Dhameja said...

I really become stunned with the way you write and try to learn and link anything and everything.

Again i would share an experience where some few years before i had been to moscow and we passing through a road where there were big pine trees simply mesmerising scene and one of our director told, "See how beautiful is that and I told thim sir it will be more beautiful if we walk through those Trees" as such a thought came in my mind that those trees wanted us to walk through and enjoy.

Tree stand tall in all season and yet make no complains and looks simply beautiful. Wonder if we human being for some time can behave like trees.

Let us all be trees, flowers invite the vistors to make them happy.

Gerald D'Cunha said...

Hey Girish,

The Moscow episode sounds so common-place one. we all forget to 'walk in the woods'. Beautiful is just not a word... it takes much more than that to feel it in our being.

You have a tremendous eye for details... and respect the mundane. Pl keep up this trait.


Love, Sir