Many a times I have wondered looking at the quiet and subdued sea on a low tide: Is it the same sea, who, on a high tide - just some hours before - behaved so violently, so relentlessly?

There are two phases in the life of a sea: the time it roars and the time it goes to sleep. The Moon, they say, decides when should the sea roar and when should it go to sleep. The Moon too has two phases in its life: the time when it shows itself in its full heavenly glory…and the time it goes into hiding. They say, the Sun decides when should the Moon shine and when should it go into hiding.

And, there is a day and there is a night. The time for me to toil, and the time to just rest. The time to hold on… and the time to just let go… The time to leave my home… and the time to return. Yes, there are two phases in my life.

Stephen Covey, in his famous book – ‘Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’ - says, “Our life is all about ‘coming home’.”

What does that mean? It means: all of us leave our homes in search of ‘something’… and we all come back to the same homes. Yes, all of us… with our modest or mega dreams… Finally, we all come back to the same place where we started from.

Sometimes, I ask myself: If happiness lies in my own heart, why should I go crazy doing the things I am doing all my life? Why can’t I turn the searchlight inside my own heart? If wealth can not bring me happiness – if fame, power and position can’t – then, why should I spend so much of my time and energy running after them? I know fully that I am unable to take with me anything when I die – then, why accumulate at all? Yes, these thoughts keep me sane… and grounded.

I was woken up last night by this message of Girish:

“A child on a farm

Sees a plane fly in the sky

And dreams of flying.

But, the pilot on the plane

Sees the child on the farmhouse

And dreams of returning home…

That’s life.”

That’s life, really.

There are two phases in my heart. One makes me look at the golden stars in the sky and causes a burning unrest of a high tide to soar high and still high. The other constantly points to me my home - my simple farmhouse, far, far below on the earth - and causes the quiet rest of a low tide.

The sea, the Moon and me. We are incomplete without our two tides. Yes, I need to long for the golden stars in order to value and appreciate my humble farm, here on the earth!

Every breath I take has two phases... I come in, I go out... and I come in, again... to go out!

Yes, that's life!



Girish Dhameja said…
Yes Sir, very thing have got two aspects. Air if moves slowly is a breeze, moves fast is a storm. Well forms of different things changes as nature wants them and we have to accept it and look the positive things in it. My mom always say "whereever you go but at the end of day door of our home is door of Almighty"

Today when i work in the office, still the thought come whether can i go back and take the lesson in our School College , Gerry's Classes on those benches, can i sit in the sport club of RCF gazing grasses.....

The message was so powerful again i couldn't resist to forward it to you the moment i got it even though it was midnight.
Gerald D'Cunha said…
Yes, Girsih, thanks for waking me up from my 'sleep'!

I took that message to my heart and the next day it blossomed into this post.

I am glad, we help each other... and we care!


Gerry sir, I was really speechless after reading this article... The sea, the moon, the stars... and our heart, our breath!

I could sense those two tides in my being!

Thank you so much, sir.

Vandana Kapoor
Gerald D'Cunha said…
Hi Vandana,

I am glad u loved this post. It was triggered off by a simple mid-night message sent by my good friend, Girish.

Vandana, there is this movement, constantly happening in us... the two tides!

I am aware, there is no Life without Death... and there is no Death without Life... I can only appreciate the full moon because I have felt within me the awe of a moonless night!

Love, thank u.


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