Saturday, November 26, 2011


Regrets are worse than those blunders

For which I now regret…

Regrets are like the chains around my heart…

They keep me imprisoned.

If life is a constant onward movement,

Then, there is no point in rowing my boat backward.

There is no point in crying over the spilled milk.

Yes, the situations in my life could have been better;

The people who came in my life could have been more loving and faithful;

The time spent with my children and my parents could have been of a higher quality;

The prayers I said could have been more meaningful;

The friends I moved around with could have been not just the fair-weather kind;

The career I chose could have been the one my heart had thirsted for;

The person who I fell for could have been not just an ‘image’;

The business could have been better,

The house could have been bigger,

The degree could have been prettier,

The happiness could have been sweeter,

The pain... much, much lesser.

And, yes, God could have been kinder… more generous!


Living with them is like living in the past…

Like living dead!




Learning from our mistakes and making changes is a life-building process. But, plain regretting is an escape mechanism. It is only harmful for our confidence and self-growth.

-- Kiran Deshpande

Gerald D'Cunha said...

Yes Kiran, sitting and regretting is an escape route. It only harms.

Thank u for your feedback.


suman dhing said...

making mistakes and learning from them is our cycle!!
but,we must not think about our mistakes but learn from them!!

Gerald D'Cunha said...

Suman, thank u for sharing ur thought on the subject.

Yes, learning from our mistakes and moving on... is what our life all about...
Keep reading and giving me ur valuable insights.

Love, sir


regretting abt smethng we cnt change , smethng whch is the past , smthng whch we will neva experience again...(unles we hv a TIME MACHINE).....REGRETTING ABT SUCH THNGS IS JUZ A WASTE OF TIME...... instead, we shld try and move on in life, forgettimg our past, and looking forward to our future, trying to mke it BETTER, and not comiting the same mistkes, n again REGRETTING abt thm...........

sir, please dnt ever stop wriing such blogs....AMAZING....;)

...Aanchal Budhrani

Girish Dhameja said...

I am reading a book called "Monk who sold his ferrari" and a very beautiful statement was mentioned in it "Never regret your past. Rather,embrace it as the teacher that it is." Better to move on, be thankful with has happen. What happen is for good to have better and best in the later stage.

Gerald D'Cunha said...

Thanks Aanchal for your feedback.

U have rightly said: it is waste of time regretting about things which are dead.

The help always arises when we seek to learn from such past events... Else, it is only the chain that keeps us confined.

Yes, thanks for showering faith in my writings and urging me to keep writing. I will.

Love, SIR

Gerald D'Cunha said...

That was a brilliant book, Girish.

Yes, 'embracing the past as a teacher' is a very empowering shift one can make to free from the chains of confinement.



Pooja Gupta said...

Hello Sir,

The other day I was with one of my students. He recently had a heart break after 7 years of relationship. He says that he could notice a twinkle in my eye when he was narrating his tale to me. He felt as if he could relate his story to my life. At that time, he told me just one plain sentence in hindi, “Maam, aapke liye yeh possible hai ki aap peeche dekh kar aage chalo”. I was speechless for 2 seconds not knowing what to answer him. But being his teacher I had to reply him so I told him in hindi again “hum chalna kabhi nahin chodte..fark sirf itna hota hai ki peeche tum jinke saath chal rahe the ab who tumhare saath nahin hai to ek vacuum ke saath ab aage chal rahe hai..woh vaccum painful and lonely rehta hai..some people can quickly make friends with this vaccum and some dread to go close to it..”

I do not know if I replied to him correctly and also how this is related to your post but just felt like sharing this with you.
Take care & cheers,

Gerald D'Cunha said...

Hey Pooja, long, long time!!

Now, about ur frply to ur student... Let me tell u, if he could see the sparkle in ur eyes, it must be what u told u from ur soul...
What u said - the words - hardy matter, Pooja.... U 'touched' him... That does.

Keep 'touching' people... In ur own, special way, Pooja.

That's what Success means to me.
Hope, to u as well.


Love... Keep in touch thru this medium.