Exams are approaching. Hardly any time to prepare well and shine in the exams. And, everybody reminds about that… everybody gives sermons.

“I am fed up,” Bhushan cried yesterday. “Don’t they know, I am not an idiot?”

Bhushan is not an idiot. His parents know, his aunts and well-wishers know. Still, they keep reminding him, “Bhushan, you better become serious… Else, ….”

“I know it. If I don’t become serious, I will end up getting what I deserve,” Bhushan screams. “But, don’t you think it is my life and if I do not take charge now, I will ruin it?”

They know it. Still.

Bhushan is definitely a head-strong, committed young boy. I know, he is on the right track… and, I also believe he will do well not only in his exams but also in his life. Many a times, I have expressed these feelings of mine to his parents. But, Bhushan still pleads me, “Sir, please tell them not to keep irritating me.”

Mohit’s case is exactly opposite. He is completely chilled out. He hasn’t touched his books… long stopped going to the classes… There are attendance issues… He may, most likely, flunk. Parents are anxious. They have tried their best to put sense into his head… Involved several people to counsel him… They have even thrashed him. But, he seems to be just chilled.

Doesn’t Mohit realize, like Bhushan, that it is his own life… and, if he doesn’t take charge of his affairs, he is going to ruin it? Why doesn’t he gear up, at least, now… and, try to save himself? Why is he not able to sense the pain and stress of his parents? Is he helpless in any way? Or, he is intentionally causing this pain?

Last evening, Mohit’s mom had dragged him to me. “Sir, I am fed up,” she sobbed. “His father has his business tensions; he cannot take this stress. So, he has given up on him… ‘Let him go to hell’, he yells having lost all hopes.”

“Yes, tell dad, I will go to hell,” Mohit reacted angrily. “And, mom, you don’t have to feel fed up with me… I am not an idiot… I have shame, okay?”

I had to use my tact to defuse the tension. “Ma’am,” I said, “Mohit said it; he has shame… He is not an idiot.”

Mohit’s mother began to shake her head which meant, “Son, these are plain words… We need some action.”

Mohit began to cry. I pulled him close to me and said, “Mohit beta, we all know you are good. We all want you to do well in life… That’s all it is.”

There was a silence. I broke it. “Ma’am, Mohit will study, now on. Let’s not remind him, any more. He knows it is his life and he cannot afford to ruin it. I am sure, he will do well in life”

Then, I put my hands around Mohit and said, “Beta, look at mom; she is just drained… There is no energy left in her. Beta, just see how you can make her feel a lot better. You must beta. As a mother, she won’t rest till you don’t give her that feeling.”

“Sorry mom, I won’t hurt you, any more,” Mohit held his mom’s hand.

“I love you, beta,” the mother whispered with a lightness.

As the mother and son went back in peace, I wondered: “Did I really mean when I assured Mohit’s mother, “Ma’am, I am sure, he will do well in life.”?

Time is really short for Mohit, to make a drastic change. He hasn’t done enough, really. I know, he may even flunk. But, that is just an exam. I assured Mohit’s mom with all my affection and honesty… and my innocent trust. For, I do believe, Life is much beyond the Board exams. Mohit needs to make a drastic change if he shouldn’t flunk in his Life.

There is time…

There are many more Board exams.

And, above all, none of us –

yes, none – wants to be an ‘idiot’ in life.

Wish you all the best dear Bhushan and Mohit. And, you all moms, too!



Neeraj Natarajan said…
Sir, I am in Bhushan's shoes... I request you, sir: "Please tell them not to irritate me."!!

Seriously, sir, how much our parents care!

Very apt article for all of us - Bhushans and Mohits!

Thank you, sir. Thank you mom and dad!

Gerald D'Cunha said…
Ha Ha!! Neeraj, I will surely tell 'them' not to 'bug' you, ok?

But, only to 'hug' u, my dear!

U are right, Neeraj... That's our parents' way of showing how much they care!

Thanks for the feedback.

Love, Sir
Anonymous said…
Our parents are concerned about us, our future. The early we understand this, the better for us.

Liked the way you conveyed a simple episode with such charm.

Thank u.
Gerald D'Cunha said…
Oh yes my friend, the early we understand it, the better it is for us!

Well said.


Love, Gerry.
Girish Dhameja said…
We all go through all this. Well yes there was time when i also use to say that "I am not an Idiot" but now i wish if i can be an idiot tp little extent things would have been quite simple. When u have ur own ways of working and inspite of that if someone is pressurising then the results are not favourable. Leave the Eagle the ways it flies. For Mohit i would only say Journey of thousand miles begans with single step. Let him take that step. He may not complete the race but still.....
Gerald D'Cunha said…
Thanks Girish. Felt good reading your feedback. Idiots that we all are!!!

Love, Sir

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