“It's amazing how day in and day out you are able to connect to such small things in life…”

Poonam had written it in her comment after reading my last post. It is close to twenty-five years since she did her TY B’Com under me. Now, she has a daughter of that age! And, she has written in her comment yesterday:

“How are you able to connect to such small things in life, day in and day out…? It is amazing!”

I had replied to her: 

“Thank u so much Poonam... Felt good. Yes, even I do not know. I am writing on it today... Pl read. Hope, that may be the answer. Love.”

What is there around is there for all of us. Is it not? The milkman, the newspaper boy, the Dhobhi, the maid servant, the autowala, the garbage picker, the postman, the watchman, the nasty neighbor, the thankless boss, or the rebel child or nagging parents… Is this not our world around? It is not our daily story? Is it not available to all of us?

If so, then, what you see, I too. What makes you happy, me too. What makes you sulk and angry, me too.

Yes, my eyes see what your eyes do… 

My heart dances to the same song to which yours does…

My mind reacts in anger and fear to the same sparks as yours does…

Then, how come I am able to write beautiful things and you can’t?

You really can’t?

I don’t think so.

You express the same beauty, in your own ‘special’ way…Yes, you do.

You tell your son this… You tell your daughter this… You tell your parents this… You tell your friends this…
But, you do… 

You do tell them: “Hey Life is beautiful… It is simple..."

You tell them: “Hey, be grateful for this day… for the blessings and gifts…”

You tell them: “Move on… Don’t get stuck… Don’t regret, don’t live with guilt or self-pity… Take charge, be a Victor in life…”

Now, tell me, don’t you tell it to your loving child when he or she feels low? Don’t you tell it to your buddy? And, above all, why do you tell it to them? Is not that when you help them, you feel good about yourself… that, you become confident in life… you feel good about yourself… and, you become a Winner, a Victor?

Oh yes! You do… You do. 

I have recognized my God-given gift: that I can create beautiful garlands out of simple, wayside flowers that abound… all around and all along my way. God has given me special eyes to see them, a special heart to appreciate them and a special thirst to value and express them through my writings… 

Yes, I have recognized this gift from God… trusted myself… trusted in the goodness of humanity… and just allowed myself to express, yes my specialness, my authenticity…

That’s all…

Is that not available to all of us?

Is Life not a free gift for all of us?

Is it not ‘amazing’?

If so, Poonam, how I am able to write day in and day out this way, is, certainly, is less amazing!

Believe me, it is.


Pics.: Janardhan Narayan


ROOPA said…
Very touching. Thanks.

- Roopa
Gerald D'Cunha said…
Thanks Roopa,


Vikram Bist said…
Fantastic stuff!!!

... Vikram

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