Monday, October 15, 2012


In my class, today, two young men were arguing. One said, “Kasab has been hanged.” The other said, “No, he is yet to be hanged.”

Finally, the matter came to me. And, frankly, for that moment, even I got confused: “Is he hanged? Or, is he still there?”

So, we all did what everyone else does in such times: we googled. 

“Not out!!!!” The verdict was out!

“Are you just joking?” I hear you asking me, “Didn’t you really know that Kasab was yet to be hanged?”

Yes, I was not so sure, really!

“Public memory is too short!”… Heard this or forgotten?

Well, if that is true, then, my memory, too, is ‘too short’! Am I not a part of this so-called ‘Public’?

Last week, Kejriwal & Co were making so much noise about Robert Vadra – the Gandhi-family’s son-in-law - and his so-called ‘loot of our country’. So much so, I literally turned deaf!

Not even a week, now! Robert is out and Khurshid is in! There is so much noise, once  again… “He has looted our country by seventy-two lakhs!” 

“How much?”

“Seventy-two lakhs!!!”

Mark my words! 

Before the Sun goes down, the next Monday, 


 Khurshid will be out… 

and, someone – Kejriwal alone knows who – 

will be in!

And, yes, another two young-ones, in my class, will have their argument. One would say, “Robert is in jail!” The other one would counter, “No, it is Khurshid!”

And, yes, they will come to me to solve their mystery…

And, I will wonder, all over again: “Who it is… Robert or Khurshid?”

The Google will help us out… We trust… “No, no. They are still not-out!!!”

One week, in fact, is a long, long period… It is almost an eternity! 

Presently, Ram Jethmalani is quiet… Perhaps, he is too old to make so much noise!

Subramanian Swami, too, is very quiet…

It is Kejriwal’s turn to shout… and, he is doing it, day in and day out.

“India against Corruption!”

Oh yes, oh yes! India includes Robert and Khurshid. It includes Kejriwal and Gerald… and, of course, it includes all the charlatans and all the gullible… And, most certainly, it includes ‘Noise’, too…!

Public Memory, too!


Pics.: Sheetal D Zodge


Uma Kumari said...

Public Memory is really too short. Uma

Anonymous said...

Very entertaining and inspiring! Hope, the noise level will soon come down!!!
- Aruna

Yash Sheth said...

Thanks, hard-hitting.
- Yash

Hitesh Rana said...

National time-pass is our national news!!!! Nothing comes out, finally!!! Hitesh