Sunday, October 28, 2012


Last night, a contestant from a small-time town was on the ‘hot-seat’ of KBC. He worked as a computer lab-assistant in an institute and earned a salary around Rs.13,500/- pm. A family man that he was, had a great struggle to face: his father’s advanced-stage cancer treatment! As always, Amitabh Bachchan, was extremely graceful to this contestant… offering him empathy,  encouragement and hope.

Amitabh Bachchan’s 70-year journey is packed with inspiration for any one who complains: “Life is full of struggle.”  So, during the course of the game, the contestant asked Amitabh as to how he had coped with his own struggle in life, and, if the Legend could help him with some tips.

In a matter of not even a minute, what Amitabh said to this earnest soul, impressed not only the contestant, the audience and me, but, I am sure, it must have impressed the whole world which watched the show!

“My father would tell us,” Amitabh said to the contestant, “that, till we had Life, we would have struggle.”

That one line, in deed, said it all! “Life has struggle… and, if it happens to be a life of an Amitabh Bachchan, the struggle is bound to be of a larger-than-life size!”

“And, my father would advise us to keep persistently trying,” Amitabh continued. “So, don’t stop trying, my friend, don’t give up. Along your sincere attempts to solve your problems, you will find a small opening of the door… And, that’s enough to put your foot in… Soon, you will find yourself completely inside!”

These may not be the exact words of the 'Living Legend', last night; but, this was the exact essence!

The contestant played sensibly, and took home half a crore! Definitely, enough to help him to take many steps inside his tough world...

But, I think, what the gracious host of the show 

had handed to the earnest soul, last night  – 

through his phoenix-like life -  

was more than hundred times 

what the cheque bore!

Perhaps, it was  enough for a hundred generations to come!

“Good Life, sir… Good struggle… And, yes, a good show. Thank you!!!”


Pic: Supriya Chavan


Rajeev D'Souza said...

And, a Good Post, sir. Than you!!!! Rajeev

Piush Sharma said...

inspiring article. Thanks.Piush

Hiren Grover said...

Yes, what was handed by the Legend is worth more than those crores on check! Powerful post. Hiren