Sunday, October 14, 2012


Late, last night, a friend of mine called up to say that he had two passes for the movie – ‘Premium Rush’.

“What rush?” I asked him.

“Premium Rush,” he said, “It will be released in Mumbai on 19th October. A family friend has given me passes for the premier of this Hollywood film. Heard, it is a good film.”

I had not heard about this movie at all. It was 11.30 in the night, and the show was today, Sunday, at 10 in the morning. I had to say ‘Yes” or “No”. My friend did not want the passes to go wasted.

My wife said, “We’ll go.”

I said, “Yes.”

The multiplex was packed. We both enjoyed the movie from the word Go. And, we both remembered our young son. “He would have thoroughly enjoyed this thriller,” we both thought, “Fast, compact and gripping.”

Both, my wife and I, are not abreast with Hollywood films, their directors and actors. We do watch English films, but only the popular ones. Like the last one I watched with my young son was ‘The Dark Knight Rises’.

So, this morning, we both landed up inside the theatre – without checking as to what the flick would be all about… who were the Director, actors, Music Director and such familiar issues.

It was a Sunday morning… We both wanted something to make us feel relaxed, happy. Moreover, a dear friend had offered us these passes and said, “Please go and enjoy.”

We really did!

After coming home, I couldn't resist from calling my son (who is in Pune). “Son, we just watched ‘Premium Rush’…. What a movie,” I shared my excitement, “You must watch it.”

“But, the movie will be out on next Friday,” he said, “How did you watch it?”

I narrated our own story. “You will surely like it,” I added.

“Okay dad, I will watch it when it releases here,” my son said, “I am happy, mom and you both enjoyed.”

“But, son, the hero of the film looks familiar to me,” I said, “tell me, in which movie I must have seen him?”

“In ‘The Dark Knight Rises,” he laughed, “Remember, we both watched it in Imax, at 7 in the morning? He is Joseph Gordon-Levitt… the next Batman!”

“No wonder, I was trying to rack my brain throughout the movie,” I said, a lot relieved.

“By the way, do you know who the Director is?” he teased me, knowing well I didn't.  “David Koepp… He also has co-written it. Music is by David Sardy.”

“You must watch it, my son,” I had called him just to say this…

And, here he was feeling happy for his dad and mom for really enjoying a Sunday-morning movie…

What else, really, mattered? And why should it?


Pic.: Lionel Saldanha


Nupur Mishra said...

very touching, well-written. Nupur

Viju Menon said...

simple yet profound. Viju.

Anonymous said...

Innocence touches!!! Priya

Francis D'Mello said...

What matters is our simple joy, really. Knowledge, often, is an hindrance. Thanks for the wonderful post Gerry. F.D.