Friday, October 12, 2012


Last evening, I had just left for home… At the end of the day, I was quite tired and lost in my own world.

“Kaise ho beta?” a very elderly lady stood right in front of me, “Bahut acha laga… acha kaam karte ho.”

Well, this is a very familiar old-lady. She takes her evening walks with the help of her walking stick. But, what is endearing about this lady is that she greets known people, compliments them genuinely… wishes them well, blesses them… You seldom see her complaining about life.

“Teaching is the best service to mankind,” the elderly lady said, “For years, I have been living here… and, I have seen hundreds of young ones coming and going. Their prayers and blessings will be with you, my son.”

As I told you, it was one of those tiring days… and, I was literally dying to reach home early and put behind all my irritations… and, lo! This charming old-lady was now standing right in front of me and telling something, which, perhaps, nobody would tell you so lovingly, and sincerely. And, yes, anybody would die to hear!

What else do you want in life?

Even if you give me the whole world and hold back your love, good wishes and blessings, I would feel the ‘world is nothing’!

At least, when the gracious old-lady 

kept her hand on my head, last evening, 

I felt a world without love, good wishes 

and blessings... is an empty world!

“Keep going, my son… May God bless you!” her parting words had turned me speechless!

Often, I have been over-concerned about the ‘fruits’ of my work: my earnings, name, and security. Though I have been doing, all these years, only what I loved… and, though the fruits have been always sweet – I must honestly confess: like, most of us, I too had not realized what a priceless reward the love, good wishes and blessings of others could be!

True, I had been taking such things for granted!

The sweet-old lady had appeared, last evening, just to remind me:

“Son, in life, the blessed fruits are the sweetest!”

As I walked home, my heart could feel this sweetness. 

It felt blessed!


Pic.: Manoj Nair


Kiran Naryani said...

Sir, brilliant post. Our love, good wishes and blessings always. Thanks to sweet lady who evoked these feelings in us too. Kiran


Simple incident assumes such great significance! wonderful article. Love.
- Taanya

Anonymous said...

I fully agree with the thought that love and blessings make our rewards look worthy.

Neelam Shastri



Anonymous said...

Good wishes of our fellow-beings and grace of God. Nice post.
= Varun

Ravi Pujari said...

Thanks for this lovely post. Felt good... Ravi

Lalita Bhandari said...

Motivating and touching. Thank u.
-- Lalita