Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Iwatched the movie – ‘OMG’ – twice!

Both the times, I saw in the theatre a mixed crowd – of all faiths and ages. And, I also saw them enjoying the movie thoroughly.

Whatever the movie is trying to attack - our blind practice of religious rituals, our gullibility to self-serving priests and gurus… yes, we all know that, they are outright ‘stupid’, ‘dumb’. And, interestingly, we all laughed at our own buffoonery as we watched this movie…

In deed, it was a real ‘OMG experience’!

Kanji Bhai is, ruthlessly, an atheist. And, ironically, God comes to reside in his house… and, that too, at a time, this rebel has dragged God to the court!

In one of the scenes, Kanji Bhai questions God: “I am an atheist… I don’t believe in you. Then, why have you chosen to reside in my house?”

“Because,” God tells Kanji Bhai, gently, “only a true atheist can be a true theist!”

I loved this statement, so much!

I, personally, endorse this idea. That, we should question all that we do in the name of God. Sure, when we do that, it is bound to cause a storm… However, when the storm settles, we will be destined – blessed - to be closer to God’s heart… Yes, as our Kanji Bhai found himself to be, in the end.

“You don’t have to punish these charlatans,” Kanji Bhai tells the masses, “you just boycott them.”

For a moment, what Kanji Bhai proposed to the masses does seem to be the remedy for the ailment… “Simply boycott the hoodwinks!”

But, the very next moment, we hear this ‘profound truth’ from the High-Priest, as he is set to leave along with his ensemble:

“The religious habits are like the addiction to opium.” He points at the masses and reminds God’s-beloved Kanji Bhai, “These people are not God-loving people; they are God-fearing people!”

We are those people!

So, driven by our fear, 

‘we’ will go back to our old habits – 

our blind rituals and hoodwinking God-men. 

While, God, Himself, prefers to reside 

in the heart of an atheist, where, 

He finds true love and devotion of a believer!

“Pray with fearlessness!” This is the parting message of the movie, ‘OMG’.

And, today, on this auspicious day of ‘Vijayadashmi’, I would like to borrow this message to wish all of you – “A happy Dussehra.”


Pics.: Krupa Gharmalkar


Sushma Manik said...

Fantastic!! Liked the flow. Keep it up. Sushma

Kunda Nair said...

"OMG!!!!" Beautiful post. Kunda

Uma Suresh said...

Yes, we need to question all that we do in the name of God and religion. Good Post. Uma

Anonymous said...

Very relevant for all of us. Tina

Hitesh Prajapati said...

Brilliant article, very stimulating. Hitesh