Friday, October 26, 2012


Two goats lived on either side of a mountain. Every day, they would leave home looking for pastures. On their way, they had to pass through a very narrow bridge that stood over a deep river. 

One day, the goats faced each other right in the middle of the narrow bridge… and, both, were unwilling to make way for the other.

“Step aside,” screamed the first goat, “let me pass.”

“No way,” protested the other goat, “it is my way… or no way!”

So, they locked their horns… and, started pushing and charging at each other… till their stubbornness took them to the edge of the narrow bridge. And, finally, both of them went crashing down into the fierce river which gushed deep down!

I love this old story. Particularly, when I tend to lock my horns with another person… another goat!

Look at the funny side of the story. The goats had left home seeking food. If they had focused on their goal -  the food, they would have, certainly, stayed away from the self-destructive locking of horns… 

They, instead,  lost their focus… and, got into their ego-hassle: it is my way or no way!

Poor goats! They were blind to the fierce river that ran deep down!

Many a times, when I end up bruised and wounded through such locking of horns, I do wonder:

“Why didn’t I realize the danger before getting into it? Would have I lost anything, if I had stepped aside, made way for the other?”

“Silly goats!” 

No, “Silly people!”

All ego-hassles are bound to end this way: 

Down into the gushing river…! 

They are 'Loose-Loose situations' in life!”

And, when we make way for the ‘other goat’ – when we let go of our ego, accommodate - we don’t lose sight of our goal. We come home victorious! It is being wise, sensible… It is a ‘Win-Win situation’.

Yes, in life, we meet on the narrow bridge… like these two goats…

There is that fierce river gushing deep down…

And, there is that reason why we have left home, this morning… Our goal, our purpose!

And, yes, there is that ‘choice’ before all of us: 

Either to lock our horns and scream, “It is my way, or, no way!”... Or, “W’ll go the sensible way!”

The bridge is too narrow to fight in  its middle, my friend...

The river is fierce and deep… there, down!


Pic.: Monica Valdar


Dhiraj Hegde said...

Goats we are!!! Dhiraj

Unni said...

Liked the way you have told this goat thing in us!!! Great post.
- Unni

Anonymous said...

we bring our own destruction by our egoes. Ruma

Manju Israni said...

Absolutely inspiring! Manju

Beena Pillai said...

Lovely! Beena