Sunday, October 21, 2012


“Alto hai meri gaadi; Nokia hai mera phone… aur Bata hai mere jootey… bolo kidhar jaana hai, kisko milna hai…”

Someone, who I know, was here with me, today. He was talking about the unnecessary stress many of us invite by choosing a false lifestyle. Rather, choosing to live a lie. He is a member of one of the popular gymkhanas… and, he was describing to me as to how some members try to be what they really are not! 

So, when Audi, I-Phone, Gucci and Christian Dior were the basic requirements to ‘feel okay’ for many of them, it seems, during one of their discussions, this gentleman had shouted at them:

“Alto hai meri gadi; Nokia hai mera phone… aur Bata hai mere jootey… bolo kidhar jaana hai, kisko milna hai…”

“Once you tell a lie, it, immediately, puts a strain on you,” this man told me, “You have to remember what exactly you have told… You have to, always, remember it just like your Password… Guard against it… remain constantly with the fear of being caught… being exposed… So much of strain on your head…  So much of stress on your heart!” He added, “When you are honest and open, you feel very strong within… You walk like a King!”

“Oh my God!” I was impressed!

In the morning, I, my wife and my father-in-law had been for the Sunday Mass. My father-in-law is going to be 80, soon. Incidentally, I had felt extremely good, this morning, watching him carry himself so gracefully…with all his silver hair, mustache… and, yes, that ‘uncle-belly’! I was thinking: “How nice for him! He doesn’t have any strain on his head or any stress on his heart to hide the truth – the real color of his hair and mustache… He walks like a King!"

Where as, I? It is more than ten years now… since I first decided to hide – cover-up – what was then called my ‘few grays’. Believe me, it was one of my biggest mistakes… Rather, lies!

The real picture, the real color, 

you will get to see... 

every time, my barber gives me a hair-cut!


I hope, I haven’t exposed any ‘Kajriwal-type-of-thing… a scam, I mean. All that I have done is that, I have self-exposed… a very familiar ‘white lie’!

Now, for lifelong, I must remember to color my hair… cover it up! While, I hear my dad-in-law calling me out, “Bolo beta, kidhar jaana hai… Kisko milna hai!”


Pics.: Gloria Pinto


Himesh K said...

"Bolo beta... kidhar jaana hai, kisko milna hai!" What a powerful statement! It humbled me! Thanks. Himesh

Beena Pillai said...

very refreshing! Beena

Girish Narang said...

Keep it simple. always at peace.
.. Girish