Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Last week, I was talking to a gentleman during a function in a  friends' place. His elder daughter is now settled in America with her husband and their little son. "The Nature has been kind to this country," the gentleman said to me, "there is so much rich land, so full of natural resources." 

I had agreed with this man.

America is the most sought-after land for the migrants. It is the richest land... Yes, the Nature has been so kind to every one who steps into this great country.

But, just some four days after I heard this statement – which, I had agreed with completely – now, I watch  these frightening images of 'Hurricane Sandy'... which has devastated the city of New York and humbled the mighty nation of America!

Why do all these horrendous hurricanes, tornadoes, cyclones and storms explode on this country, with such ruthless frequency? 

I was asking this morning, as I was reading the newspaper reports: "Why is Nature so unkind to America?"

“Kind or ‘Unkind.”… Yes, “Who knows?”

Let me recount this old Zen-story, all over again.

Once, there lived, in a Chinese village, a wise old-man. He had a great horse and every one in the village thought that the old man was the most fortunate one. 

Then, one day, the horse fled into the nearby mountains. When the news spread, the villagers came rushing to the old-man’s house to sympathize with him on his ‘bad luck’.

But, the wise old-man only said to them:

“Bad luck or good luck, who knows?”

Some days later, the horse returned to the old-man’s house – delightfully, accompanied by a beautiful white-mare… a lovely lady horse!

When the news spread, the villagers, once again, came rushing to the old-man’s house, this time, to congratulate him on this ‘good luck’.

But, the wise old-man, only said to them:

“Good luck or bad luck, who knows?”

After some days, while riding on the beautiful white-mare, the old-man’s young son was thrown  off and  he broke his legs! 

When the news spread, the villagers made a bee-line to the old-man’s house, all over again… Yes, this time around, to sympathize with him on his latest ‘bad luck’.

And, yet again, the wise old-man, had only this to say:

“Bad luck or good luck, who knows?”

Many more days passed by. A war broke out with the neighboring state. The Army  men marched into the village and picked every able-bodied young man. When they came to the old-man’s house, they saw the young man with the broken leg. And, they left him alone!

Now, is it ‘Good Luck’ or ‘Bad Luck’… 

yes, who knows?


Today, when the similar question haunts me: “Is Nature kind or unkind to us - the US"... I can only find an answer in this old paradoxical-tale!


Pics.:Raj Dhage Wai


Jeevan Pinto said...

really a though-provoking post. Keep writing. Jeevan

Swapnil Deshmukh said...

Knew this story so well... but, you made it special, today! Thanks. Swapnil

aanchal said...

Wow! ! Wat a beautiful true...we never knw wat future holds for us.

Tushar Kuradia said...

We shoud be even both in our good and bad fortunes. Wonderful article..
.. Tushar

Anonymous said...

Insightful. Purva