Thursday, October 4, 2012


Do all things pass?

Just a couple of years ago, Sri Lanka was almost destroyed by LTTE insurgence. Tourists feared visiting this otherwise beautiful island… The other countries refused to send their cricket teams, or business delegations, to Sri Lanka fearing catastrophes!

And, today?

When I watch the on-going T-20 World-Cup matches in this amazing little island, I wonder, if this was the place, not long ago, ravaged by senseless and remorseless bloodshed!

The same feelings had passed through my heart some three decades ago: Punjab was literally burning… The Khalistan movement had brought the state and the entire nation on its knees…  “What may happen?” was the perpetual anxiety…

And, today?

Yes, I wonder: “Why did I worry so much?”

No one had imagined the end of the USSR would come so fast and so dramatically. In fact, this Super Power came and went just as any mortal on this planet would… Not even a normal human life-span could the dreaded ‘Iron Curtain’ survive!

Hitler fizzled like a bad dream… so did Saddam and Osama.!

Kings and their kingdoms are just the passing clouds of this sky called Life…

They rise and they fall… they come and they go… just as seasons!

Nothing is here to stay for ever… Everything has to pass… All conditions, all situations…

So, why should I get carried away by my wealth, fame and position? Or, why should I get bogged down by the weight of my sorrows, anxieties and fears?

In Life, if all conditions are transitory,

 then, my joy and sorrow, 

my success and failures, too, are!

This too shall pass…

Oh yes, this too!


Pic.: Manoj Nair


manoj ingle said...

beautifully written. manoj

David Lobo said...

Felt very comforted after reading your post. Thanks a lot. David