Tuesday, October 9, 2012


If my intentions are clean, I have nothing to fear. Nothing to lose. Nothing to worry about.

Behind my every action, there is a thought… and, behind my every thought, there resides my intention. 

If, inherently, my heart yearns for harmony and peace, then my intentions are not to harm another person ‘consciously’… Because peace is what I long for, I choose to see the goodness in another person… I choose to overlook his human flaws… I would choose the path of reconciliation, mutual respect and communication… I am willing to wait, tolerate, hope… I am ready to forgive and forget, accommodate and embrace.

Yes, all these are my actions and they stem from my thoughts… and, my thoughts stem from my intentions. 

Many a times, we come across people in our lives, who are very, very adamant, self-righteous, egoistic, and vindictive. Their trust level is extremely low; they approach every thing and every one with suspicion… They fail to see the ‘bigger picture’… and, invariably, they choose to walk the path of confrontation… creating enemies all the way, layers upon layers of enemies… till, one day, they find themselves completely caught-up in the whirlpool of negativity. It is difficult to come out, by now… It is too late to climb-down from the ‘tiger’s back’!

I keep telling, whoever I can, never ever to embark upon an ego-trip, in Life. . Yes, an ego-trip is a dangerous ‘tiger safari’… No one has, ever, completed it, leave alone having a pleasant experience.!

Clean intentions are our clean prayers… They are answers in themselves!

If my intentions are to punish my fellow-being, my thoughts have to consume me with hatred… and, hence, my actions are bound to leave me burdened and wounded.

On the other hand, if my intentions are to strike harmony, live in peace, my thoughts have to consume me with love and forbearance… and, hence, my actions are bound to leave me light and healed. 

True, this, too, is a matter of human choice…

I have no say on 

how another person thinks of me… 

But, I have it… 

when it comes to how I think of him.

“When you are at God’s altar with your offering, and, there, you remember your brother against whom you bear a grudge, I say, you leave your offering at God’s altar… go back to your brother, make peace with him… and, then, come back and offer your gifts to God!”

The gateway to God – or happiness, harmony and peace on this earth – can be as uncomplicated as this simple piece of teaching of Jesus Christ. 

I really wonder how we can ever pray with a vengeful heart!


Pics.: Roopa Sushil


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Summa Nair said...

Beautiful! Thank you. Summa.

Anonymous said...

All actions are noble when our intentions are noble. Great Dinesh

Akshay Rao said...

Peace over-rules the need to be right-- Akshay

Kripa Kaur said...

Felt good after reading. thanx a ton.Kripa