Saturday, October 17, 2015


Pic.: Sudha Ahuja
Today, Deepak, my friend, had shared a simple yet excellent article written by Vex King. It was titled: ‘Ten Things to Give up That Leads to a Happier Life’. The tenth thing – the last commandment - stayed with me…
Some days ago, I met a young-man, who was narrating to me about an incident. This young man did a long-distance running every early-morning, and by 7.00, he would settle down on the garden-bench in his housing complex. That’s where he would come across a group of men, aged between 50 and 60. These men relentlessly talked ill about others around them… They tried to poison the young-man’s mind with negative stories about other people in the society. Our young-man bore it once or twice, and, then, one morning, told them, point-blank, that he was not interested in any of their gloomy stories… and, he kept a distance from them.
“I wonder, how these people could indulge in such cheap-talks so early in the morning,” the young-man expressed his disgust, “they must be an unhappy lot.”
“Oh, they are,” I had agreed, “What else can make one indulge in negative talks right as he wakes up in the morning?” 
People, who are unhappy and frustrated in their own lives, normally, cannot see happiness in other people’s lives. It is as simple as that. The negative they talk about others is nothing but the reflection of their own inner negativity. It comes from their low self-esteem. They try to camouflage it by putting other people down, by spreading cheap rumors – back-biting and conspiring.
So, what our young-man did was the right thing: Keep a long distance from the negative lot… Never to let them get to you… Never to let their unhappiness become your unhappiness as well.
Though it was the tenth and the last commandment in the article shared by my friend, Deepak, today, I, personally, feel it is the most important commandment to find our personal happiness in life… 

Every day morning, yes, we do come across this frustrated and unhappy bunch of people – trying to pollute the atmosphere around us… But, then, our mission in life is not to stop them from doing what they have been doing… It is their ‘karma’ and they ‘will’ do it. Our mission is to find our own happiness, for which we need to focus on our own path… It is our ‘dharma’… and, we should never ever let others to make us drift from it.

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