Thursday, October 29, 2015


Pic.: Sana Shetty

If we look back and reflect on what Hitler did – including the Holocaust and the Second World-War – it simply boils down to that old Sanskrit wisdom, ‘Vinaash Kaale, Vipreet Buddhi’…It means: when one’s end is nearing, he acts without his intelligence. In the same Second World-War, look at what Japan did. It did not surrender even after Germany and others did. It continued to unleash havoc even though it knew what was in store for it. And, the wickedest – and the dumbest - act it did was to attack Pearl Harbor. Till then, America was not dragged into the War. Now, this one act of madness on part of Japan was enough to awaken the sleeping giant… and, you know what happened after that!

Every dark act in human history is carried out by man in his dark hour – at a time when he had acted against his intelligence… The most negative and the wickedest acts are the result of this… Man going against his intelligence…

Saddam Hussein did that before he was wiped out… Look at what his battered army did while leaving the invaded Kuwait: it torched hundreds of oil wells!

Osama, Prabhkaran, Bindranwale, Idi Amin… every despot did the same thing before his end had come…

We do not have to, always, look at a Hitler or an Osama, a Parabhkarn or a  Saddam Hussein, a Bindranwale or Idi Amin to grasp the truth, that when our end is near, we act stupidly. Yes, to grasp the wisdom of the adage, “Vinaash Kaale, Vipreet Budddhi.”. Let’s look at people around us… Let’s look at ourselves… If we are working against the larger good, if we are hell-bent in destroying someone, if we are blinded by our ego, unwilling to listen to good counsel, if we are adamant to prove someone wrong and ready to go to any extent to do that… yes, if we are on a witch-hunt and driven by the wicked and sole intention of bringing someone else’s fall… take it from me: our own end is not far!

They call it digging one’s own grave. Yes, “Those who are busy digging ditches for others, end up creating wells for themselves.”

Sadly, man doesn’t realize the essence of this age-old wisdom. He is busy proving himself right and someone wrong at any cost… He is busy unleashing one havoc after another, just because his intelligence has stopped working…

All that is needed is to ask one simple question: “Is what I am doing in the larger interest of all concerned, or is it in my own interest?”

If it is not in the larger interest of all concerned, it has to be an unintelligent act… and it is against the Law of Nature… Therefore, mark it, there is that divine punishment in store… Self-destruction!

“Vinaash Kaale, Vipreet Budddhi.”


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