Thursday, October 1, 2015


Pic.: Sheela Krishnamony

Today is my friend Vikram’s 58th b’day. A while ago, I had called him to wish. “May God grant you good health and peace in the years to come,” I said.

“That’s all I need at this stage of my life,” Vikram said, quite emotionally, “not the blessings from Dhana Lakshmi but from Dhairya Lakshmi.”

I loved the two words… Dhana Lakshmi and Dhairya Lakshmi.

Goddess Lakshmi has been kind to Vikram, all the way to his 58th b’day, today. He has been blessed with fine education, a great wife, two brilliant children, both now settled in the US. He has been successful as a businessman, been able to earn good amount of financial status. He has been, also, blessed with a very positive attitude towards life… a great optimism and understanding of the Tide of life… that is, the ability to remain graceful, both, in good times and bad times.

So, today, Vikram doesn’t need money - Dhan, success or status. He needs Dhairya – fortitude (courage). At this stage of one’s life, how important the grace of courage is!  Rightly, someone had called courage - “The grace under pressure!”

I could immediately relate to what Vikram was seeking from Goddess Lakshmi. I could feel that in my being!

Like Vikram, I, too, have given up seeking help from Goddesses of Wealth, success or status – 
Dhana Lakshmi. I seek help from the Goddesses of fortitude… Dhaiirya Lakshmi.

What is the use of money, success and status in life, when 57 (in my case) or 58 (in Vikram’s case) years of life have already rolled by? Only the courage – Dhairya – will be of use… Yes, today, Vikram reminded me of it…

“Happy b’day Vikram… May Dhairya Lakshmi shower her blessing upon you, today!”


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