Sunday, October 25, 2015


Pic.: Udit Bharaddwaj

There was an interesting story from Kannan today in our Tai Chi class.

In a certain village, there lived this Master and his disciple. The disciple’s devotion and love for his Master was unconditional and total… When faced with any challenge in life, he would sincerely evoke the name of his Master and succeed.

One day, this disciple found himself stranded near a river. He closed his eyes and, with all his devotion, evoked the name of his Master… Then, he stepped on the water and simply walked across the river.

The Master, who was on the other side of the river, couldn’t believe his eyes… None of his disciples had ever exhibited such a power ever before. His heart swelled with pride and he asked his disciple: “How did you do it?”

“Master, I just had to evoke your name,” replied the disciple with humility.

“Is that so?” the Master couldn’t contain his pride, “now, let me show you what your Master can do.”

The moment he stepped on the water, the Master went down!

Kannan added, “Gerry, your teachers taught you several things… But, did they teach you how to weave the thoughts and put them in your daily blog? The students will and should surpass their Masters… and a true Master will rejoice in his pupil’s success with grace and humility. Pride and arrogance come from our false ego and they bring our fall too.”

Kannan took me to The Mahabharata. “Parashurama was a filthy-rich man. One fine day, he decided to give away everything he had possessed. So, when Drona came to him, Parashurama had no material thing left with him except his waist cloth. Thus, the great Parashurama, who was taught by Shiva the supreme art of archery and warfare, decided to teach earnest Drona all that he knew. Drona went on to become his Master’s worthy disciple and surpassed even. The legacy was passed on to Arjuna by Drona.” Kannan concluded “ When a student does better than his Master, the true Master rejoices.”

When I heard this story, scores and sores of my teachers came before my mind... and thousands of my students, too. I could see so many of my students ‘walking on water’… and I could, also, see what was happening in my heart!


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