Monday, October 12, 2015


Pic.: Dilip V.

Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful
for the evolution of your consciousness.
How do you know this is the experience you need?
Because this is the experience you are having at this moment.”

- Eckhart Tolle

These words of Eckhart Tolle from his famous book – ‘Power of Now’- help me to calm down, become peaceful.

The misery and suffering in my life, always, are in proportion to the resistance I throw to my life-situations. In other words, they are there in me because I do not accept the reality of my present moment. The more I spend my time resisting – blaming, cursing, self-pitying and resenting – the more I will experience the turmoil with… my misery and suffering.

What Life has brought me right now is my reality. If I can’t get out of it right now, I must accept that reality and slowly and steadily take some concrete actions to come out of it… Yes, I should not lie passive, saying ‘God will get me out of my misery’… I must take all necessary steps to deal with it… But, the more and more I spend time in blame and self-pity, the more and more I resist and resent, the less strength I will find to deal with my misery.

“Life and Life-situations are two different things,” Eckhart Tolle tells us. We, often, mix them up… think, that, if situations in our life are bad, our Life is bad. Life, indeed, is like the vast sea… deeper, profound, inspiring and infinite. On the other hand, our life-situations, no matter how good or bad they are – they are like the waves of the sea… They are there only on the periphery… They are shallow, they change.

Yes, if at all, our life-situations - the waves of the sea - bring us something worthwhile, it should be the powerful message inscribed on King Solomon’s ring: ‘THIS TOO SHALL PASS AWAY’!
The ring kept King Solomon wise all through his life… Every time, the pomp and glory of his kingship made his heart swell, he would look at the ring and remind himself: ‘This too shall pass away’. And, every time, life’s burden and misery made his heart shrink, he would look at the same ring and remind himself: ‘This too shall pass away.”

Why, then, spend our time in blame and self-pity? Why resist and resent? The unrest is where the waves are… not where the deep sea is!


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