Friday, October 30, 2015


Pic.: Chandrasekhar Varier

Two days ago, a doctor-friend of mine had invited me for a dinner in a nice restaurant. We were three of us, the third one being a lawyer-friend.  We spent more than two hours… and, during this time, I sent only one message, but didn’t pick up a single call … My doctor-friend picked up one call but did not read or  send any message… and, my lawyer-friend seemed as though he was not carrying a mobile with him. Yes, it was so peaceful and so free from the endless encroachment which we all are so used to…

The lawyer-friend was not on Whatsapp. The doctor-friend told us that he had got fed-up with the ‘groups’ and found such kind of communication to be an unwanted source of stress and anxiety. “I have informed all concerned that I prefer sms’s and I may not read the Whatsapp messages,” he said.

Technology has come light-years ahead. It was supposed to make our life easy and comfortable. It has. But, it has, also, brought along loads and loads of stress and anxiety… kept us constantly on edge… alienated us from each other… We are so hooked on to typing, reading, replying and, above all, trying to anxiously impress, so much so… we don’t see our foolishness in ignoring the people who are next to us and busy caring for the ones who oceans away from us…

Early this morning, I happened to read the exchange of messages in one of the Whatsapp groups I belonged to. The Sun had still not come out fully and the birds had still not left their nests… and my friends had already begun their anxious chatter… each frantically replying and getting replied to… I had my cuppa – the bed tea – in hand… and I did not want to miss the bliss of this simple pleasure of life… I wrote to my group:

“Hello, Good-morning!
Did you enjoy your morning cuppa, today?
Did you see the sky from your window?
Did you see the smile on your little-one’s face, today?
Did you hear the heartbeat of your beloved?

Then, my heart smiled.


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