Friday, October 9, 2015


Pic.: Chetna Shetty

I did not know who Philippe Petit was and what relationship he had with WTC twin-towers of NYC. Yes, that was till I watched the movie - ‘The Walk’, last night.

Like millions of citizens of this world, what has permanently etched in my mind, too, is the horrendous tragedy of 11/09/2001. The chilling images of terrorists crashing planes into the world’s most famous towers and the 110-storey towers crumbling down, right before your eyes, like two pack of cards… yes, like millions of my fellow citizens of this world, I, too, remember only this! This coup of destruction… Someone, sitting in a far away corner of this world, had desired to bring down the two mammoth towers… It was a sinister coup flawlessly – and ruthlessly - executed by some young men!

Surprisingly, no one had, ever, brought to my notice the story of Philippe Petit, who, too, had hatched a coup, as a twenty-plus young-boy. He had hatched it, back in his homeland, Paris, sitting in a dentist’s clinic. While he was reading, there, the story of the under-construction twin-towers, the calling of his life had come in him:  The grand dream to wire-walk between the mighty towers, soon!

The movie - ‘The Walk’ is the story of Philippe Petit’s indomitable and eccentric spirit. It is brilliantly played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. It is amazing, poetic… breathtaking. Please don’t miss it.

Ironically, Philippe had executed his coup – by walking between the twin towers eight times – on the early morning of 07/08/1974. The towers were just born then, and Philippe was barely 24. Some twenty-seven years down the line, another group of young-men had hatched and executed another kind of coup… yes, to destroy the mighty towers. That, too, was an early morning!

There are two kinds of young-men in this world. There are two kinds of coups! And, yes, yes… There are two kinds of mornings in our life!


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