Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Normally, I don’t see the moon in the sky at six, early in the morning. But, today, as I was winding up my morning walk, I cited the glorious moon in the west… The sky looked special… serene and divine!

I do not know if my wife had noticed the majestic moon as she too was doing her early-morning walk… Both of us were oblivious of the significance of the day to come: the day of ‘Karva Chauth’!

My wife hasn’t fasted for me – her husband – in our tweetny-five years of married life. She hasn’t looked at the moon and thought of me… my safety and well-being.

So, does it make my wife a lesser soul when it comes to a devoted wife?

I am just asking… and, I know, she may not like I talking about such things in my blog… But, I know, she cools down and forgives me quickly for all my sins!

I love the concept – rather the legend – of ‘Karva Chauth’. All men love it… and they should, you see. After all, the very thought that your wife does all that for you – so faithfully, so ceremoniously and so romantically– makes you feel on top of the world…. Makes you feel you are a ‘MAN’… very, very special… I bet, it does!

And, look, why not?

For a wife, her husband’s safety and well-being are so central for her existence. And, if our traditions make her express such a devotion and feeling in a manner the Karva Chauth ceremony demands, glory be to such tradition… Long live this tradition!

But, then, when I recall the moon I had cited this morning, and connect it to the special day today, I ask these questions to myself:

Would I, as a husband, observe a fast from sunrise to moonrise for my wife’s safety and well-being?  Is her safety and well-being central to my existence, too?

Probably, the moon wanted me to mull over these questions before he went home, this morning…

Moon doesn’t cease to inspire me!


Pic.: Kenrick's Art

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