Thursday, October 13, 2016


A 20-year-old girl, who was once my student, and who is all set to complete her graduation, posted on her FB timeline, this morning:

In an advertisement video, a stunning beauty was introducing an even stunning motor bike – which looked like a gadget straight from the latest Bond film… Oh, it was truly a ‘hot stuff’!!

I mean, the bike… Not the babe!!

Or, maybe the babe for an old man like me… and the bike for my young student!

But, let me tell you this honestly… I was neither swept off my feet by the stunning babe nor the swanky bike she was trying to woo me with…

So, I said to God, ‘Thank you God for not making me rich’!

Well, being rich in life is not bad at all. It is good, it is great… It is a blessing. Therefore, I have great respect for all those who have prospered in their lives through right means, who live life with gratitude and charity… who are compassionate, who are aware of the truth that wealth and status are only temporary… who live with awareness that, like our body, wealth and status are going to wither, die… and, therefore, it is important to thank God for whatever privilege He has blessed us with… Yes, I admire men and women who remember God more in their wealth and who use their wealth for the betterment of the world around them…

I feel pity for the rich who flaunt their wealth… who think that their wealth and pleasure are going to last… who are insensitive to the world around them… who are arrogant.

I know of a man like this… He, once, lived like a king with swanky cars and safari-clad body guards… The kingdom lasted for a few years, and the fall soon came… The man turned out to be a cheat and suddenly scores of people who he had duped surfaced and began to hound him… A smart con he was, he took all the booty and absconded… leaving all his creditors in the dump… Dozens of court cases and arrest warrants… search notices… But, the man is there somewhere in this world…

Once a ‘rich man’!

Incidentally, a while ago, I had posted on one of the Whatsapp groups this:
“Simplify your life… Live light, laugh, walk, sing… Eat well, sleep well… Love, let go. Life is really short.”

So, my young lady… you are about to start working… and, I pray to God to make you rich and wise, both.


Pic.: Internet