Monday, October 3, 2016


I blog every day… almost every day. I share these Posts on my FB timeline so that many can get to know about them. I am delighted to know that many of my friends like my writings, and I do feel elated – and even proud – when they tell me that they find my Blog very motivating and useful in life…

My yesterday’s Blog was about the latest Hindi movie, ‘M.S. Dhoni – The Untold Story’. I had used a lovely picture of Dhoni from the internet images. I had titled the Post – ‘THAT RANCHI BOY IN US’… It was night’s 10 when I had published that post…

What surprised me was the response. Several likes and comments made me seriously wonder: “Hey, are these likes and comments for my Post or for Dhoni’s story? Am I the one praised here or Dhoni?”

Now, let me tell you, that I am not just joking here… I am serious.

Let me remind you that I had used a vibrant picture of Dhoni from the internet… It was very eye-catching. Moreover, M.S.D is a ‘deity’ and cricket is a ‘religion’ here in our country… So, anything about this religion or these deities ‘sells’… I am very conscious of this.

My Blog Post, too, got easily sold… Thanks to M.S. Dhoni and the game he played!

Vikas and his wife, Prerna, were, long years ago, my students. Today, both of them are very popular teachers. Students admire them, emulate them. Last summer, they had sent their 10-year-old son, Dhruv for our summer P.D course, and they say, Dhruv loved the course… And, note this: they keep saying that not only they but the young Dhruv, too, has started adoring me!

How do I feel when someone says so?

Come on!!!!

 In response to my yesterday’s Post about the bio-pic on M.S Dhoni, Vikas had commented last night: “You will and must have been for so many, dear sir...and I am sure you must have never realized how many of them were choked ...full of emotions because of you.”

Last night, I slept over the comments, including Vikas’… “Let not success, praise and fame go into your head,” I remembered the advice of Dhoni’s father to his famous son…

I replied to Vikas a while ago: “Hi Vikas, you know it well, being a fantastic teacher and role model yourself: It is best if we don't realize it. Else, we might end up becoming that donkey who carries the sandalwood and assumes... "I give the fragrance''!!!! Love.

May the glory go to the one who is glorious: Mahendra Singh Dhoni…

I only carried the sandalwood, you see!!!!


Pic.: Azriel D'Souza

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