Monday, October 10, 2016


“The only disability in life is a bad attitude.”
- Scott Hamilton

 As many in this world confess, one of the things I, too, long ‘wished’ to do was to get up from my bed at 5 in the morning… and start my day with at least a 30-minute walk… when almost everyone is asleep… when the trees gently dance, when birds greet you with their songs… when the sky slowly smiles… and when you can feel your own breath and heartbeats… Yes, I had long ‘wished’ to join what they hail as the ‘5-am Club.'

Finally, a fortnight ago, I and my wife both converted our ‘wish’ into a ‘decision’. We have been up and about at 5 every morning ever since… and we sincerely pray to God to help us keep our resolve…

Two things I have decided not to take along when I leave for the early-morning walk… My mobile and my reading specks. Why do I need them?.

But, my friend, Kamath, has different view on the mobile issue . He has been doing his walks for past couple of years and he starts at 4.45. Once his routine is over, his way of cooling off is interesting… The night-security men bring him a chair… He sits on it and plays for them, on his mobile phone, something funny or interesting every day… Three of our security men stand next to him for at least 15 – 20 minutes and they all start laughing loudly watching what Kamath shows them…

Well, this is Kamath’s way of making our night-security men – whom everyone takes for granted… and who guard our gates when all of us are safely sleeping in our homes – yes, it is his way of making them a bit happy, making them giggle…  and making their day!

Today, the security men were very quiet while watching what Kamath was showing them… They looked serious. I was surprised… But, immedialty, the voice of the lady talking in that video sounded familiarly to me… I did not have to strain my brain. Just, last evening, my friend Sonal had shared that video… It was Deepa Malik’s motivational speech… Sonal had written:
”Deepa Malik, you stole my heart away
What an inspiration!
More power and strength to you
Guys, please watch and share this!!”

After watching the video, I replied to Sonal:
“Standing Ovation!!”

Yes, it was sheer coincident that, early this morning, my friend, Kamath, was showing this video to our night-security men… Deepa had stolen their hearts away, too… and, that’s why, they were speechless!

Deepa hails from a north Indian family of brave army men. Her, dad, husband, brother, dad-in-law all are army men. She is 46 and has two adult daughters… Immediately after her second delivery, a tumor in her spine, made Deepa paralyzed from her chest downwards. But, refusing to suffer (Englishwala ‘suffer’ as she says), she chose to make her future life-journey (Hindiwala ‘suhana safar’) an adventurous, exciting and inspirational one… She went about winning scores of Gold medals in national and international sports, and the coveted Arjuna Award (for recognition in Sports) … and, we all know, she won the Silver medal in the 2016 Rio Olympics  (Paralympics) in shot-put.

I love the natural confidence, grace and eloquence Deepa exudes as she speaks to her audience. Her words are simple and straight from her heart. And, in this particular video, I love the line… “I started investing in happy thoughts.”

As we get up from our beds, every morning, that’s what we all are urged to do by Deepa: to invest in our happy thoughts.


Pic.: Chetna Shetty

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