Friday, October 7, 2016


“Critics do not change the world.”

I heard it from my friend, Vijay, last night. We were discussing about a couple men and women who we knew… We were wondering as to what made these people so critical, skeptical and combative for years on. No amount of good words prevailed upon these men and women… No amount of love and openness could move them… Criticism, doubt, accusations, allegations and, above all, a combative and vindictive mindset… yes, non-stop.

“These people normally do not change,” Vijay told me, “They are wired that way… to be skeptical, critical and combative… even vengeful.”

“Often, those who criticize others,” says Shannon L. Alder, “Reveal what they themselves lack.”

Well, every day while leaving home, all of us have the same two options: One, to leave home with our arms out-stretched to embrace… with trust, forbearance, love and brotherhood… Two, to step out into this world with our fisted-hands tightly crossed to guard ourselves… with doubt, grudge, intolerance and vengefulness. Yes, all of us have only these two options… step into the world with trust or doubt… to empathize or to criticize… to love or to hate… to build or to destroy!

There are critics around us. Actually, we need them so that we can improve, perform better… learn to respect and accommodate others’ views… So, when criticism comes from good intentions, it is called ‘constructive criticism’. On the other hand, when it comes from a negative mindset – a deep dislike and bias – it is called ‘destructive criticism’.

“People who have no life will always try to start drama in yours.”  goes the advice of an unknown wise-man.

My friend, Vijay, was telling me, last night, that this world is a better place because of people who are empathetic and large-hearted… who accommodate, forgive, reach out and build. “They change the world… Critics do not change the world.”

But, critics don’t agree, you see. I mean, the ones whose only fulltime occupation is to criticize anything and everything… every day!


Pic.: Azriel D'Souza

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