Saturday, October 8, 2016


Some of us spend our life-times either proving we are right… or, who we are… or, who we are not… Though all three are dangerous for our well-being, the last one is very frustrating and painful, too…

When we have to spend our lifetimes before some idiots of this world trying to prove who we are not!

This story might sound quite familiar to you. Last afternoon, my friend, Vikram, shared it with some of us on our Whatsapp group… It was in Hindi. So, my translation may not carry the story with its original Hindi flavor... Still…

A buffalo was running… Running frantically. A rat saw him and asked, “Hello, why are you running?”

“An elephant has trampled someone and the Police are chasing?” buffalo replied, continuing to run.

“But, you are not Elephant… You are Buffalo,” reasoned the little rat, “Then, why are you running?”

“That’s correct,” buffalo answered, “but my friend, to prove that I am not an elephant may take twenty years for me… So, I am running!’’

Listening to this, even the rat started running!”

The story ends.

When Vikram shared the story with us in our particular group, we all knew the context… and, all of us said “Perfect”!

I don’t know about you… That is, if this story makes any sense to you at all…



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