Tuesday, October 11, 2016


My friends and enemies alike – both Ramas and Ravanas - have started forwarding this Dussehra message even before the Sun had come out today…

‘Dasha Hara’ is a Sanskrit word which means removal of ten bad qualities within you.


KRODHA (Anger)

MOHA (Attachment)

LOBHA (Greed)

MADA (Pride)

MATSARA (Jealousy)

SWARTHA (Selfishness)’

ANYAAYA (Injustice)

AMANAVTA (Cruelty)


It’s also known as ‘Vijayadhashami’ which means vijaya (victory) over these ten bad qualities

May you be blessed to win over all evils and may Eternal Love, Peace, Joy and Wonders occupy life completely.

Happy Dussehara!

This is my fifty-eighth Dussehra… and, I really smile when I think about this reality: the ten bad qualities are very much there in my heart as the permanent residents there… They are ‘bad’ I know… But, they somehow refuse to go even if I try to push them out… beat them up… burn them, burry them… bomb them. Yes, they are there right inside my heart!

Don’t I have ‘Kama’ – the lust? Oh, loads of it…

Don’t I have ‘Krodha’ – the anger? Loads of it…

Don’t I have ‘Moha’ – I am a liar if I say I don’t have!

What about ‘Mada’ – the pride… and what about ‘Ahankara’ – the Ego… the big, big I, me and myself?

Am I not selfish and jealous? Am I not cruel and not always just to people around me?

I have not been able to live this life of fifty-eight years in this world free from these ten bad qualities… and, I don’t think I will be able to live my remaining years free from them…

Dussehras will come and Dussehras will go meanwhile… The ten bad qualities will be there as my life-long allies in this sojourn called LIFE…

Inside my heart, I can see both good and bad… I am the Ram and I am the Ravana… If so, who should destroy whom? If all evil in me is destroyed, why am I living here in this world… It is not a heaven, after all?

Yes, I am asking this today… on my fifty-eighth Dussehra day!


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