Monday, October 17, 2016


“Don't ever save anything for a special occasion…
Being alive is the special occasion.”

 ~Author Unknown

Well, this Post is not about dying… It is about living… living with gratitude, joy and no regrets…

Yesterday, in our Tai Chi class, we saw our oldest (youngest!!) student Sundandaji – who is some 80-plus – after a long absence. As soon as she arrived, she handed to our sir, Rakesh, an envelope containing fees and started explaining to him why she had been absent for such a long time.  There were so many genuine reasons… Sunandaji lived alone… Despite two maids at home, the situation was as good as having no help at home… “I end up doing everything,” Sunandaji told us.

Rakesh sir doesn’t make any fuss about our absenteeism, even though commitment and continuity are of utmost importance in his view. When we all come out with our excuses for our absence, he is really cool about it… “Now that we are here, let’s make the most of it”… yes, that’s the approach our sir has for a healthy well-being in life…

Don’t keep regrets… Don’t give excuses… Don’t blame… and, above all, own up, take charge and enjoy the moment.

“That’s celebration of life,” echoed the infectious Kannan, who himself had turned up after many Sundays. He continued, “I don’t plan in advance… I don’t keep too many things in my mind… If you ask me what I just said, I won’t be able to tell you… I just grab with both hands what is right here before me… the here and now.”

Kannan is a cancer survivor… and, therefore, is strikingly aware of what he is talking about… “Every day, we are one step closer,” he said it so casually in his own inimitable way, yesterday.

I paused!

“The blog is ready,” I told everyone around me… “Every day, we are one step closer!”

What a truth!

Many a time, truth comes and stares at us in a most unlikely way… Like it did, last morning. Kannan is so spontaneous while speaking, that some of his utterly casual words hit you with tons of truth…

Are we all going to go one day?

Is life too short?

Is it worth living our days here in this world with blame, regrets and guilt, with envy, hurt and hatred?

Why don’t we learn to accept gracefully what we are ‘given’?

Why don’t we thank and rejoice?

“The lesser you think about yourself, the better you feel about yourself,” Kannan casually told Sunandaji…

What Kannan meant was: the lesser you self-pity and complain, the lesser you compare yourself with others…the  better for your well-being… Probably, the more aware you become of the truth that, every day, you are one step closer to death… yes, this realization is enough to help us take one step closer to the celebration called LIFE!


Pic.: Divesh Shah

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