Tuesday, October 4, 2016


"Peace is the only battle worth waging."
-  Albert Camus

If we need to experience peace outside, we need to first experience it inside. If we need to experience peace inside, we need to let go of our need to be ‘right’… to prove the other person – our tormentor – ‘wrong’.

The need to prove the other person wrong – and prove ourselves right – stems from our ego.  It is difficult to nurture the hope for peace – ‘Aman ki Asha’ - as long as we hold on to our hurts, wounds, misgivings… In other words, holding on to our past memories is the biggest roadblock to this fresh journey called ‘Aman ki Asha’… the ‘Hope for Peace’

Many of us think that it is either being naive or being stupid to think of peace when our opponent is busy plotting ploys against us… “Trust doesn’t work there,” they remind us “Don’t be weak.”

A child is pure… It has the shortest memory… It quickly stops crying and it quickly starts smiling…

We have long ceased to be children. Hence, we have long ceased to trust and let go… What we are busy with is plotting ploys…

Therefore, ‘Aman ki Asha’ is for children… the innocents, the pure…

And, for us?

Our toys are our ploys… We prefer to ‘play’ with them!

So, what is the way to peace?

Unfortunately, as A.J. Muste said, “There is no way to peace… Peace ‘is’ the way!”


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