Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Actually, just two chapatis and a spoon of vegetables,
Or a cup of rice and some daal on it…
Yes, that’s all that is required to satisfy my hunger.
A few glasses of water will take care of my thirst.
A mat or a simple bed, a pillow, a sheet -
That’s enough for my night’s sleep.
A decent home, some decent clothes, some decent income,
A decent family, some decent friends and a decent behavior …
That’s all needed to be a fine social human being.
And, oh, yes… I need that decent self-esteem
To remind me that I am fine with a few decent things…
I don’t need too much…
Not at all…



Girish Dhameja said...

I would like to add one more thing in the list of requriement which is a "Peaceful Mind" This article reminds me of a book called "

Simplicity is the best ornament to have but for today the cost of being simple is too much. The other day i was in shop and there was a lady buying some clothes and the yardstick given to the sales guy was to show something very simple and sober. After seeing too many dresses the lady bought the most expensive dress in that shop which was SIMPLE and SOBER. I was wondering that with the growing inflation cost of simplicity is going up.

With your list of requirements i wonder wheter i am communicating with my teacher or a saint.

Girish Dhameja said...

sorry, i missed mentioning the book name as "The Monk who Sold his Ferrari"

Gerald D'Cunha said...

Girish, rest assured that U ARE communicating with your 'teacher'. You said 'Saint'? What is that?

All are our lives, we all do only three things: We stand, we sit and we lie down, flat. The rest is all a 'story' .... This line hit me from 'Loving What Is'.

Well, it hit 'me', I said.

The more I think on what I wrote, it becomes clearer and more so that I just need two chapatis and some sabji to take care of my hunger. The rest is all 'luxury'.

But, yes, it doesn't mean that I live on that. I want 'Tandoori', all three times a day, if that's possible. And, all three times a day I am reminded of only two chapatis and some sabji.

Love, Sir