Wednesday, October 26, 2011


They smoked Saddam Hussein out of a rat hole;
And when he was hanged, they also hanged for ever
This despot’s dark dreams of quarter of a century!

They dragged Colonel Gaddafi out of a drain pipe;
And when they  pumped those bullets into him,
They also blew off the false God
That dwelt in this eccentric...
For almost half a century!

Adolf Hitler thought he would rule the world…
The whole world, and forever;
Long, long before him,  Alexander-the-Great did,
Our own Ashoka-the-Great, too,  did.

The Sun did come down upon the British Empire;
The great Egyptian Empire lasted only for ‘three thousand years’…
Yes, only so much!
The dreaded Iron Curtain came down on the USSR…
Osama  Bin Laden was just wiped off, like a fly…

They don’t call Henry Ford
As the ‘Richest man on Earth’, any more;
Nor do they hail Marilyn Monroe
As the most desirable woman ever lived.
Rolls Royce is no longer the most expensive car on earth,
Nor Marlon Brando remains the most expensive actor.

Well, what makes me remember, today,
All these ‘Great’ men and women?

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