Let your left hand not know, what your right hand gives.”  The teachings of Jesus Christ are so simple. Yet, so tough!

Tomorrow is Diwali. Both at my residential and commercial complex, there are several security men, there is house-keeping staff, there are gardeners, Club-House staff, postmen, milkmen, paperwalas, housemaids and even the courier boys. Every one expects a ‘small something’ – a little Diwali bonus – from all of us. Yes, once in a year… It is Diwali.

I give all of them a ‘small something’, every year. And, I see the sparkle in their eyes, every time I do that, before they ask for it, before they knock on my door. “You think, they will be more hard-working and loyal to you, if you give like that?” a man, who never gives, asked me, once. “I just want to give,” I told him. “They are thankless; they will throw your bonus in the country joints,” he added. “I do not know; I only know it is Diwali,” I said.

Another man gives like me, always, every year. But, he makes a big noise about it… He wants every one to know that he gives… When a watchman or a house-keeping person annoys him, he abuses them reminding them about the ‘bonus’ that he had given them. That’s the way he wants his ‘Giving’ to be.

This old house-keeping lady has been there working in my office for the last twenty years. Yes, the same lady, for the last twenty years! I give her that ‘small something’, every year, and she accepts is so gracefully, without a word. Never in twenty years, has she cribbed about her salary or bonus. Maybe, because, I have always done whatever I have done without she asking for it. And, what I have done, given her, is all ‘small’. Every Diwali, she brings some home-made Diwali sweets and I do accept them gracefully. I like the chewda she brings; and, yesterday, I told her that, once again. I saw the sparkle in the old lady’s eyes. “My boss likes the chewda I make at home,” Her eyes said that!

Giving is a spiritual experience. It is a fine prayer. If my heart gives joyfully, it prepares itself to receive. I am able to experience the bliss of the gifts I receive in my life – my bonuses – only when I am able to first experience the bliss of giving… and, giving it joyfully, with no stings attached.

There is so much of waste happening in our homes - Food, eatables, clothes, utensils, medicines, cosmetics, footwear, uniforms, cutlery, books and so many small little things… Our hands, generally, don’t reach out to them… We don’t give away these ‘unwanted’ things to our watchmen or maids, so easily. We calculate, we judge, we hesitate, we doubt, we wait… and we hold back… Finally, one day, we throw these things out into our dustbins.  Stale. 

Even if they get rotten, it is okay… But, give away we won’t!

It is Diwali… The time for our hears to sparkle.



Girish Dhameja said…
Again reading your post, i could recall a story in which "a person was given a boon of his shadow having the healing powers and on whoever this shadow will fall would be treated and person will not know also that his shadow has treated someone"

A littel something given without expecting anything in return with an open heart has real value. Let us do our deed and let other do what they want to i.e to spend wisely or to go to country joints or to make a boasting of doing certain things.......

Some few years before i was in frankfurt for an exhbition and during the lunch time we were having one extra box of food. we asked one of our guest whether he would like to have it, and he asked whether he can take to his home and will have it in the evening. I was quite happy to see that there are people who value the importance of food"

Things which are waste for us will provide good utility for the one who dont have it. Lets plan with our wastage also.

Thank you Sir.
Gerald D'Cunha said…
Thanks Girish,

very thoughtful comment. You have given two - three very pertinent and touching examples.

Yes, our giving is a spiritual exercise... It is the 'shadow' that heals, helps... without we even knowing about it!


Love, Sir

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