Saturday, October 15, 2011


I just reached my office… just half-an-hour before. I am feeling good about myself. 

Well, had I handled that situation the way I normally did, I am sure, it would have robbed me of that ‘good feeling’. Let me tell you what happened.

I took an auto near my Society and the young man was taking me without any problem. He was in his world, and I was in mine. Just seconds before he was to take a right turn to enter the by lane that led to my office, his mobile rang. I had already told him ‘Right’ and there were vehicles moving from all directions. His hands instinctively reached his pocket and my heart instinctively cried ‘Don’t take’. I told that in Hindi, "My friend, please don’t take that call. You have to take right… If you make mistake, both of us will die right on this street!"

He never heard my cry and so he picked the phone. I gently touched him to indicate him to take towards left and park. Luckily, he did… So far, so good. We were safe! Then, he began to speak to the man on the other end… It was evident, it was another autowala… and, by all means, that conversation did not appear to me either important or urgent. Now, even if he had done the mistake of taking the phone, instinctively - as most of us do very, very often - on realizing the nature of the call, he could have cut short the conversation. No, this fellow didn’t. He went on and on.

Now, it was morning time, I was heading to my work place. The young man was oblivious. I was aware of the thoughts that were consuming me… My mind was telling me, “Yell at that dumb fellow… Tell him to throw that goddamn phone. Tell him, you are getting late, and he can talk to his goddamn friend for hours once he drops you at your place.”

I did not listen to my mind… It was really strange.

My mind provoked me further, “Lecture him… Tell him why not to do such irresponsible things … Tell that your have a wife and son as he has his own… and, his small mistake can destroy every thing, in one go. Tell him, it is important… Let him not do it again, with anyone else.”

I ignored my mind. 

Finally, after five minutes, the phone went back to his pocket and he was ready. I gently said, “Take right,” . We entered the by lane and with in five minutes, I was near my office. I paid his fare, probably two rupees more for those five minutes of ‘talk-time’. I left the auto… He went his way… I came my way.

And, here I am…

Yes, as the famous Bryan Adams song goes:

It's a new world, it's a new start…
It's a new day, it's a new plan…
Here I am... This is me.


Girish Dhameja said...

Its is good that you choose an option of not saying anything and not spoiling your day. But dont't you think these guys who take things for granted should be disciplined so that the other person should not suffer.

I came across the same situation and and when i asked the rickshaw driver to drop me first in the morning and then attend his call or i will miss my train, he said if u r in hurry then take another rickshaw. there was no other rickshaw and i decided to get down from that rickshaw after some words exchanged as such my train was missed.

Same scenario is there in many offices. Just think if everyone will concentrate on their work then how much productive time would be utlised in right ways.....

Gerald D'Cunha said...

Yes Girsih,

I feel that so often. I feel like straitening them!

But, you know pretty well... how that works!

So, this day, I chose to watch the drama within me!

It had a very happy ending!

Thanks, as alawys.

Love, Sir