Someone is waiting there, for years, to do some charity. He says he wants to first become rich, make lots of money… and then he wants to do charity, help others. 

Someone is waiting there for the Messiah to come. He says, his life would be fine after the Savior comes.

And, there is someone who goes around saying that the seasons are wrong, the Sun is too hot, the moon is not full, and the stars are too far, too tiny in the sky. He says when all these heavenly bodies change, he too will… He will be inspired to write his poems.

All are waiting!

The man, in the mean time, makes and blows a lot of money. He is not rich enough to do his charity. The Messiah comes and goes. The man doesn’t notice Him… It is still not the time for him to be ‘fine’, to be ‘saved’. Then, our poet. Yes, the seasons come and go… The Sun takes birth early in the morning, like a tender baby, in the East and retires like a gentle bride late evening in the West; the moon - crescent, half or full or no moon… the stars in the sky, whether they are golden or brown, whether they are the stars that guide or herald… this man, this poet, is just unable to find his inspiration. He is waiting. Yes, all are waiting!

Charity needs a heart. A rich heart. Till I don’t possess one, no matter how much money I make, I will never spare a rupee for the needy.

Messiah comes when my heart longs for Him. And, He may come in the form of a friend, a teacher, a neighbor, a new-born, a beggar or even my bitter tormentor. I need a longing heart - a heart ridden off my self-righteous and all-knowing heaviness.  Yes, Blessed are the ‘meek’ – for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to them.

Poems just spring… and the Stars smile, the Moon weeps and the Sun warms. There is no season for poems unless my heart is ‘available’… unless I am awake when the Sun, the Moon and the Stars appear in the sky.

I need very ordinary, very mundane things to make me charitable, to make me feel fine… or, to make me write poems. There is an oceanic vastness – a hearts-stopping awe - concealed in every mundane thing around me. The baby is born or it dies the moment it arrives. A lot of money I make or the creditors hound me day in and day out… The Sun is hot, the Moon is Crescent or the Stars are too small… the mundane is there all around, all the time. In mundane lies the magic of inspiration for life. 

Someone, just a while before, asked me, “How can you write such beautiful things from such ordinary events?”

Honestly, I do not know how I do it. I just do it… That’s it.

Perhaps, I remain ‘open’ – ‘available’ – when all the so-called mundane drama unfolds before me. Yes, perhaps, that is the secret. When my heart is open, the Universe operates… and, my heart begins to sing… Soul begins to soar… Life begins to assume a meaning. It becomes a celebration. 

No, I do not have to wait to be spiritual. For, the spirit of God hovers over His every little creation. Tonight, I will stretch my hands to pluck Stars from the sky. After all, He has made them for me, for my happiness.

Hasn’t He? 



Anonymous said…
Truly inspiring and awakening

Lots to learn. ,

Anonymous said…
It has stir my refreshing and encouraging
We keep on waiting all our life for the right moment to come....but we don't realize the right moment is the present Day itself......the rich man , the poet , the man waiting for messiah are all one of us who are never satisfied with what we get...the greed be it for money or happiness, our ego...docent let us understand lifes true meaning.....yes we need to change our selves to pluck the heavenly stars indeed.....
As you say rightly...Charity needs a heart, not money.
What you say here is very very meaningful and pushes us back to spare a momentand give a thought.
Actually it isnt difficult.
what makes you great and distinguishes from others is.... you stick to basics.
You are great coz you are simple and uncomplicated.
what I will add here is that God is watching and whatever you do it dosent goes unnoticed.
Kenrick is studying however the quality of education he is getting not today but right from the beginning is out of bounds for many.
God did notice what you have been doing silently and has ensured that he paid you back in whatever sense you may have desired.
Not only your message is soul stirring but its awakening too.
We all will go one day..
Hope we can see some moment and do something which we thought of but couldnt..before we leave.
Stars will dance around us once we start the way they have for you :)
Thanks for such a wonderful masterpiece of your articulation!
Gerald D'Cunha said…
Hi Maanvi, I am happy that you found the post very inspiring.

Did you read the one you had inspired? What about mom?

You must all read a lot... Reading refreshes you... Gives you perspective. Believe me, it does.

Pl remain in touch thru my blog... ask ur friends to read and comment as well. I say this because, I write them for you guys. the young ones.

Love, Sir
Gerald D'Cunha said…
Hey dear, how I wish who you are!

Well, if that is how it should be, so be it.

I loved the way you express how you feel about something... In fact, for me, that is the seed of spirituality. It is being dumb that we go to our temples and don't feel the presence of God. How can we find Him there when we don't feel Him in our being?

I am aware of the God in me. Maybe, that makes me look at the stars and cry all the time.


Gerald D'Cunha said…
Thanks Ashish, it really feels good to read what u write. U know what, we all die for a little 'praise'... Half of the world's sorrow, I believe, is due to this starvation. People don't express their love, they don't praise.

Thanks, it means a lot to me.

Then, about your way of writing. How many times I need to tell u that you should write regularly... just for the pleasure of it? I think, that side of your being has been ignore. I say, don't do that!

Keep reading my posts, and keep 'praising'...

Wishing you great things in life, Anju and the little Aryan .

Ken is doing well in Pune. Thanks for your sweet words about him.

Girish Dhameja said…
Too good. you are correct, we dont require time for things to happen but we all wait for the right time. If we have to do something, do it and make that moment as special.

Sir sometime even i also think that i will do certain things on right moment and procrastinate. Shall improve on this...
Gerald D'Cunha said…
Thanks Girish,

The best time is always 'now'. That includes telling a 'thannk u' for your comment.

Love, Sir

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