Monday, October 31, 2011


“Tough times never last; but, tough people do.”

I first read Dr. Robert Schuller’s famous book, with the above title, about twenty-five years ago. I have read it, over and over again, since then. When I last checked, about three months ago, Dr. Schuller had been passing through one of his deepest personal crisis – tough time.

He will surely survive. Because, tough people, really, do.

When the storm hits us hard, we wonder: “Is it the end?”

Mostly, it is not.

No one wants tough times in life. But, they come without seeking our permission. Some of us find strength to face them… and, some of us lose strength under the weight of our problems. Some of us get crushed and some of us come out stronger, wiser and finer after the grind.

Tough times do come… but, they do not last. Tough people really do.

My dear friend, and one of my oldest students, Girish, normally does not forward me any e-mails or sms’s. He regularly comments on my blog, however. Last night, almost at 12, I was surprised to read a sms he had forwarded:

“Troubles are like a washing machine.
They twist, turn and knock us around;
But, in the end, we come out brighter than before.”

It was mid-night and I was really weighed down by some of my troubles. It is never pleasant to retire with a burdened mind like that. So, the moment I read the message, I felt good, and replied to Girish:

“Thanks Girish…
I just needed it, right now. Gd nt.”

The night was peaceful. Early this morning, I forwarded the message sent by Girish to at least ten of my friends. One of them was Vikram. He was quick to send his reply:

“And, they get flushed down the drain.”



Girish Dhameja said...

And also to add thanks to Vikram from mentioning his special words. Yes tough time will be flushed..

Girish Dhameja said...

Yes Sir, it is after the acid test only, Gold shows its real lustre.
"This too will pass away." I always beleive after these bad troubled tough phases rather the new phase would be good and pleasant. Lets tackle the tough time and await good phase.

To forward these msgs i feel as it would be a repitition of what we have learnt from you, but still i dont know somehow i felt the strong urge to forward it to you and i did it.

Gerald D'Cunha said...

Yes Girish,

"This too will pass away."

To say this,deeply,we need to trust in the goodness of the Universe. Sometimes, when the trust is shaken, that the fear weighs us down.

But, then, that's the way 'the washing machine', always, works!


Love, Sir