Saturday, October 15, 2011


The sky turns gloomy, and I don’t like it one bit. I want the sky, at this time, to be bright  and peppy. It has been repeatedly happening so for the last three days. And, I have been repeatedly telling the sky – “Why can’t you be the way I want you to be?”

The sky explodes with thunders and lightning. Robust winds blow hard on the trees… Leaves fly helter skelter… and it pours. Heavily.

The sky doesn’t need my permission to behave the way it does. I understand this truth… simple though.

Sometimes, when I stand by the sea, I get overwhelmed – and overpowered – by the force and velocity. It is fierce, it is ruthless, and it is scary. Still, when I stand there and watch those ferocious waves lashing mercilessly at the shore, and when I see that like an awe-struck child, I feel peaceful even in the midst of such violence, such unrest.

It is happening like that, right now. I am watching this gloomy sky… and looking forward to hear the sounds of mighty thunders and behold the golden flashes of lightening. I am looking forward to  savour the rustic smell of the downpour… I am looking forward to change… within me.

I hear me say, “I am okay with the gloomy sky… I am okay with the violent sea.”

Everything is happening the way it is supposed to be. Including my resistance… and my acceptance.

I hear the sounds of thunders. The heavens agree, I know. 



Anonymous said...

Dear sir... I am so glad u have started writing is sheer bliss reading ANYTHING u every piece u write comes from the heart and it is very evident.
The passion with which u write every piece can be very much felt, as a reader too.
I particularly liked this piece because of the imagery used...and most importantly its depth.. I don’t know how you do it, but u did...and it feels good!
I had chills all over my body by the time I finished reading it...
Keep writing sir.Eagerly waiting for more.
Love.Nivedita. :)

Gerald D'Cunha said...

So my Niv... there u are!

Do u know, Niv, how gently u have expressed in your little comment? Do you know the power and magic of those three dots (...) that u have used? Do you know, it takes real honesty to compliment someone? Do you know, when you sincerely express your gratitude, Universe blesses u?

I learnt it when I was young like you. Hence, I don't forget to pour my heart in whatever I do... If that's what passion is, so be it.

I am reaaly glad that little post u liked a lot. I need beholders like u to keep creating magic like that. So, keep expressing your fellings for any thing good in life, for any that helps u grow. Universe will give u back a hundred fold, I promise.

As I reite this response, I remember the last Sunday. I was in the audience... and U were the dancing queen - sorry, Goddess! Thanks for that Sunday, again.

By the way, that post which I dedicated to u, remains uncommented by...

Hope, u will find my posts helpful in ur journey in this maze called Life.

Here I go for my next.

Thanks a lot for ur kind words,

Love, Sir