Thursday, October 27, 2011


Our impatience comes from our arrogance. Most of us are incredibly impatient.

I don’t have to say, we are incredibly arrogant.

But, we are also incredibly patient when it comes to our superiors: those before whom we realize we cannot spit our impatience. We act extra polite when we go to see our children’s school principals; we are very careful and respectful while dealing with the cops or the Tax officials; we don’t argue with our Priests… We, generally, obey them, simply; we are extra sweet to our co-passengers, the strangers, when we travel long distances… The boatman, who rows us to the other side of the river, is our angel… The mugger, who holds a gun and yells, “Your wallet or this bullet”, is also a good soul, for that moment. We do not show our impatience with them!

It is only with the ones who are close to our hearts, who are sweet to us… Yes, it is before them that we act funny… spit our acid, our impatience!

I am aware of this trait in my behavior… I, also, know how it feels when I am on the receiving end.

I just need to feel that the person before whom I spit my impatience - the one with whom I simply act acidic - is my boatman, or a mugger. That, my life is in his hands, right now – yes, when I am tempted to spit my impatience, my arrogance.

Inside the closed doors, we just can’t speak lovingly… though that is exactly the place where we need to be more loving. And, when we open the door for a neighbor, in whose good books we long to be, we are all lovey-dovey… So sweet, all of a sudden!

The choice is always between the wallet and the bullet. To sail safely across or to go down with the sinking boat. But, the choice is always there – to be loving or to be impatient!

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